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Judi Gibbs

Indexer since 2000.  Work has been mostly freelance, but with short-term contract indexing jobs for Microsoft. Clients include university presses, textbook publishers, and trade publishers. Previous work as a reference librarian in university, company, and medical settings. Experience with a wide breadth of  subjects. Challenging scholarly books welcome! E-MAIL:; ALTERNATE E-MAIL:


Charlee Trantino

Twenty-five years experience; primary work is with major US publishers including PenguinRandomHouse; HarperCollins; Hachette; HarperOne, and Simon & Schuster,  Averaging over 40 indexes per year, I usually have indexed a current nonfiction work on the NYT Bestseller list.  Rush indexing available.  List of recent indexes and samples available upon request.  I am a former president of the American Society for Indexing and a Wilson Award for Excellence in Indexing winner.


Nancy Wills

I have been a freelance indexer and editor since 2012, and have 25 years experience as a manager with the provincial government. I have a BSc (Physical Sciences) and a BA (Sociology). In addition, I have completed an array of courses in the publishing program at Ryerson University. I am also a member of Editors Canada.


Carol Hamill

I am a back-of-the book indexer with over 20 years experience. I live in Victoria, British Columbia. My website can be found at


Audrey McClellan

I have been an editor and indexer for more than 20 years and have extensive experience working with both publishers and authors. As 2006 winner of the Editors’ Association of Canada Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, I can offer a final proofread as well as an index


Florian Ehrensperger

I have over ten years of experience indexing philosophy. In 2004, I have edited and indexed Salomon Maimon's Essay on Transcendental Philosophy (in German, Meiner), and since 2006 I have indexed contemporary philosophy. I have an MA and a PhD in Philosophy from the Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich, Germany) and an MLIS from the University of British Columbia (UBC). I am an Adjunct Professor at UBC teaching cataloguing, classification and indexing.


Catherine Plear

An index is something well beyond a simple list of terms—it’s a reflection of the text’s essential nature. I can help ensure that a book’s index accurately represents its ideas, arguments, and discussions. Every entry will point the reader to substantial information, making for an enriched reader experience. Completed projects include: Women in Agriculture: Professionalizing Rural Life in North America and Europe by Linda M. Ambrose and Joan M. Jensen (editors)...


Christina MacDougall

A well-prepared index allows readers to quickly find the information they’re looking for and can enhance book sales. I provide high-quality book indexes at competitive rates for authors, publishers, packagers, and organizations. My indexing areas of expertise include communications, finance, information technology, project management, health, mindfulness, and medicine. Along with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, I have more than 15 years of experience in the communications, technical writing, and medical...


Margaret de Boer

I have a broad base of knowledge in a wide variety of subject matter with over 25 years combined experience in television news cataloguing, newspaper website database indexing, thesaurus development, proofreading online content, and book indexing. Specialty subjects include Indigenous content (including two volumes of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report), economics, environmental studies, political science, and psychology. I create accurate indexes which reflect the contents of the subject matter...


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