Ren Hartwell


Hi there! I’m Ren. I am, first and foremost, a perpetual student. The world will never run out of things to learn, and I know I’ll never learn everything, but it’s fun trying. I got started in indexing because I thrive on organizing information, and making serendipitous connections between different ideas makes me truly happy.

I’m a librarian by trade, and I also hold undergraduate degrees in English, history, and intermediate/secondary education, as well as a certificate in criminology. My hobbies include music composition/performance and studying Japanese language and culture. Lastly, I am deeply passionate about snails…which, I admit, is a little strange and probably irrelevant. Nevertheless, each of these areas are all subjects I know well and can draw on to properly and effectively index a wide range of projects. I’m a real human being with a real passion for making information accessible, and I can’t wait to put my skills to work creating the ideal index for your work.

  • Listing ID: 5525
  • Arts and Humanities: History, Language and linguistics, Literature, Music, Religion and spirituality
  • Economy, politics and law: Government and politics
  • Lifestyle and Leisure: Food and drink
  • Society: Education, Sociology and social services
  • Materials - Books: Scholarly books, Biographies and memoirs, Children and young adult, Cookbooks, Guidebooks, Textbooks, Manuals and how-to books, Catalogues and directories
  • Materials - Other: Academic papers and essays, Policies and procedures
  • Other Skills: Embedded indexing, Metadata, Information management, Proofreading, Research and fact-checking