Michelle Guiliano - Line by Line Indexing


Some facts about my indexing business and process:

1  I’ve indexed over 125,00 pages in more than 300 books since 2014.

2. Four of the first five books I indexed were over 1000 pages long. I’m a fast learner!

3. My background is in the sciences – medicine specifically. I ran my own medical practice with my husband for more than 10 years.

4. I index more than just medical and science books.  Here’s an eclectic selection:

5. I read every book that I indexer from cover to cover–at least TWICE. The first time through, I employ the old-school method of marking up the book with a modern twist: on my iPad. Then  I read the book for the second time as I prepare the index.  Sometimes a third pass through the book is necessary to consolidate concepts and themes.

6. My indexing process is paper-free.

7. Today, I use five software programs to produce one quality index. Thirty-five years ago, indexers used only index cards and an electric typewriter. I don’t know how they managed.

Find out more about my indexing business and my rates here.

  • Listing ID: 9086
  • Arts and Humanities: History, Media studies
  • Economy, politics and law: Business, Finance and taxation
  • Health and medicine: Medicine and pharmacology, Alternative health, Psychology and mental health, Health Care
  • Industry and technology: Communications, Information services and technology
  • International studies: United States
  • Lifestyle and Leisure: Fashion, Food and drink, Gardening, Animals and pets, Interior design and decorating, Sports, fitness, and recreation, Travel and tourism, Personal development
  • Sciences: Biological sciences, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Mathematics and statistics, Information science, Veterinary medicine and animal science
  • Materials - Books: Scholarly books, Trade monographs, Biographies and memoirs, Art and photography, Children and young adult, Cookbooks, Guidebooks, Textbooks, Manuals and how-to books, Software and technical manuals, Catalogues and directories, Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and glossaries
  • Materials - Other: Reports, Periodicals and almanacs, Atlases/maps/plans, Personal files and correspondence, Pictures and illustrations, Transcripts and minutes
  • Other Skills: Consulting, Teaching/training