J. K. White Indexing Services


My name is Julia and I am available to index your trade or scholarly book. My special areas of interest include economics, statistics, history, biography, art history and psychology. I also have the knowledge to index books about beekeeping, gardening, sewing and cooking.

My indexing training was through UC Berkeley Extension. I have degrees in economics and history, and I have been a professional economist for almost a decade.

Most recently, I wrote the index for Education Beyond Europe: Models and Traditions Before Modernities, which will be published by Brill on March 18, 2021.

J. K. White Indexing Services could be the right fit for your indexing needs. Please contact me via my website at www.jkwhiteindexing.com.

  • Arts and Humanities: Archaeology and ancient history, Art and architecture, History
  • Economy, politics and law: Business, Economics, Finance and taxation, Government and politics
  • Health and medicine: Alternative health, Psychology and mental health
  • Industry and technology: Agriculture, Horticulture
  • International studies: Canadian studies, Europe, Australia and Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean, United States
  • Lifestyle and Leisure: Fashion, Food and drink, Gardening, Crafts, Animals and pets, Interior design and decorating, Personal development
  • Sciences: Mathematics and statistics
  • Society: Anthropology, Indigenous peoples, Culture, Education, Family, Urban studies
  • Materials - Books: Scholarly books, Trade monographs, Biographies and memoirs, Art and photography, Cookbooks, Textbooks, Manuals and how-to books