Full Fathom Indexing


I love analyzing and synthesizing information, making it accessible to readers. Drawing upon an extensive client services background and records management experience, I approach my work with exceptional attention to detail and professionalism. I create user-friendly, comprehensive, and accurate back-of-book indexes in the humanities, social sciences, and regional interest topics. I specialize in psychology, archaeology, anthropology, art and history.

I received my indexing training through the University of California Berkeley, and completed a 6-month mentorship with the Indexing Society of Canada. I also hold a BA in Psychology, a BFA in Fine Art, and a diploma in Library and Information Technology.  I am active in the indexing community, volunteering as the Eastern Regional Representative for the Indexing Society of Canada.

I  believe a thoughtfully crafted index not only benefits the author by allowing their work to be disseminated and appreciated, but that good indexing promotes information access, and more broadly, information literacy.

Visit me at Full Fathom Indexing for more information about my services, and to view samples of my work.

  • Arts and Humanities: Archaeology and ancient history, Art and architecture, History, Literature, Religion and spirituality
  • Health and medicine: Alternative health, Psychology and mental health
  • Lifestyle and Leisure: Gardening, Crafts, Animals and pets
  • Society: Anthropology, Indigenous peoples, Culture, Social activism, Sociology and social services
  • Materials - Books: Biographies and memoirs, Art and photography, Cookbooks, Textbooks