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Discussion list for ISC/SCI members. Discussions are about both indexing and Society matters like conferences and meetings. To join, simply go to Isc-l and follow the instructions. To post a message to the list, send e-mail to isc-l@list.web.net (note that the address ends with the lowercase letter “L” and not the number one).

Indexer’s Discussion Group (IDG)

This Groups.io list is a group discussion list for professional indexers and anyone interested in indexing books, journals, and other print and electronic media, and the business of indexing.

LinkedIn Groups

If you are a member of LinkedIn, join groups such as ASI Digital Trends Task Force, Book Production Freelancers, Web Indexing Group and more. Don’t forget to join ISC as well.

Cindex Users Group

The Yahoo Cindex users list is a forum for discussing Cindex, the professional indexing software program from Indexing Research. The list encourages exchange of tips, tricks, and techniques among Cindex users.

Index-L discussion group

Join via the subscription page, or send an email message to lyris@listserv.unc.edu. The entire message should be:

subscribe index-l YourName

(leave the subject line blank, and do not include a signature or any other text).

INDEX-L was created to promote good indexing practice by providing a forum for aspiring and professional indexers to share information and ideas relating to all aspects of index preparation. Topics for discussion can include various types of index structures such as indexes for books, periodicals, online text, databases, or hypermedia. Participants include but are not limited to members of professional indexers organizations (ASI, NFIAS), librarians, library school faculty, and editors.

Index Peer Reviewers

This Yahoo list provides a forum in which indexers volunteer to review each other’s edited indexes. “A Peer Review provides a rare opportunity for this feedback. By reviewing and being reviewed, we increase our awareness of good indexing technique and gain valuable feedback on our current skills.”


This is a very helpful and well-run resource “for all persons interested in discussing issues related to learning to index books, magazines, databases and the World Wide Web.” Discussion is focused on the USDA courses, the Society of Indexers courses, and other methods of instruction, as well as topics such as freelance indexing and marketing. More information can be found at www.indexstudents.com. Beginning in March 2004, IndexStudents introduced live chat sessions giving list members a chance to connect with industry leaders. Past guests have included Do Mi Stauber, Seth Maislin, and Gale Rhoades.

Macrex Users Group

The MACREX Yahoo list does not cover general indexing matters.

SKYIndexUsers List

A Yahoo discussion group focused on the use of SKY Index as an indexing tool. The SKYIndexUsers list encourages the exchange of tips, tricks, and techniques among owners of SKY Index. The list is also intended to aid those who are trying the SKY Index demo and would like to learn more about the programs capabilities.

SKY Users Google Group (private)

Same as above, but Sky creator Kamm checks in and interacts with this group. To subscribe, send an email to: sky-index-users+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Web Indexing

Web Indexing is associated with the Digital Publications Indexing SIG of the American Society for Indexing, although membership in the SIG is not a requirement for joining this group. Web Indexing is an open forum for indexers who specialize in writing indexes for web sites. Indexers interested in learning about web indexing, and web site creators/editors interested in indexing are also welcome to join this group. We welcome discussions of techniques, standards, software tools, client-indexer relations, and marketing specific to web indexing.