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Upcoming Events

2024 Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary

Indexing Society of Canada

The Indexing Society of Canada (ISC/SCI) is pleased to announce its Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary.

This bursary is part of the ISC/SCI’s special program to contribute to filling a proven lack of diverse voices and the demand for them in the Canadian publishing industry to help achieve equality of opportunity for aspiring indexers belonging to underrepresented and/or marginalized groups.

Indexing is a specialized field, involving close reading, analysis, and organization. Beyond writing back-of-book indexes, indexers use their skills in areas as diverse as embedded (digital) indexing, metadata and database maintenance, cataloguing, glossary writing, thesaurus construction, and project management, to name only a few! Indexing provides endless opportunities for learning, professional exploration, and growth, aided by offerings of the Indexing Society of Canada and other societies worldwide, welcoming individuals from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds.

In 2023 we awarded the bursary to Pascale Hutton and Sade Cooke and are very excited to assist them on their journeys in the indexing world.

The application deadline for the 2024 bursary is October 6, 2024. It will be granted to one person and will cover fees for an approved indexing program, two years of ISC/SCI membership with listing, and entry into the Mentorship program. Please refer to the bursary application for more information, including eligibility requirements.

On September 17th at 6:30pm Eastern, we will be holding an open info session for anyone interested in applying to the bursary. You can ask questions about the bursary, ISC/SCI and indexing in general. Please check the bursary application website for the ZOOM url closer to the date.

The ISC/SCI and the TIDE (The Inclusion, Diversity and Equity) committee look forward to fostering connections within and outside of the publishing industry while working toward diversification, cultural education, and inclusion. Please share this information with your contacts and join us on this exciting and necessary path—one forged by many thoughtful and hardworking people and organizations before us—toward embracing diversity and expanding our knowledge and understanding together.




2024 Tamarack Award: Alexandra Peace

Indexing Society of Canada

The Indexing Society of Canada / Société canadienne d’indexation (ISC/SCI) is pleased to announce the 2024 recipient of the Tamarack Award. Alexandra Peace (Canning, Nova Scotia) is being recognized for her contribution and commitment to the society.

Alexandra was chosen for her unflagging enthusiasm, endless willingness to help out, unwavering cheerfulness, and ability to see the promise in the rawest of volunteers.

Alexandra’s colleagues had the following to say about her:

  • “The scope of work that the effervescent Alex undertook during her presidency was staggering: she was dogged in her determination to document the roles and how-to handbooks for all the executive positions and the procedures to transition from one executive to another, enabling seamless transitions after elections. It was a passion project and transformation for the society.”
  • “Alex’s deep commitment to community engagement shines through everything she does. I’m guessing it is this that is at the base of her exuberance.”
  • “She is not just a ball of energy, but a ball of light. Always happy to answer a question or give a bit of feedback or helpful advice, even when she’s halfway across the world.”

“We are thrilled to present this award to Alexandra, and we are honoured to have her as a member of our society,” said Jolanta Komornicka and Maggie Billard, Co-Presidents. “Thank you, Alex, for all you have given to the society and its membership.” The Tamarack Award was instituted to recognize members who go “above and beyond the call of duty” in their volunteer work for the Society. Past recipients can be found on the website here:

2024 Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award

Indexing Society of Canada

The award committee did not present the Ewart-Daveluy Award in 2024.

The indexes submitted did some things very well and tackled the challenges of complex texts. Nonetheless, we agreed that none reached the level of consistent excellence that merits the award.

The committee doesn’t expect perfect indexes, but meeting most of the criteria is essential. All of these criteria are best practices that we should be applying in our indexing work. You can find them on the ISC/SCI’s website.

Take some time over the summer to review the criteria and make use of them in your upcoming projects. Then you’ll be well on your way to submit an index for the 2025 Ewart-Daveluy award.

The call for submissions for the 2025 award will come out in the fall. There are no restrictions to the subject matter or genre you can submit – we look at all kinds of books: textbooks, cookbooks, art books, how-to books, memoirs and more.

Show us how you have creatively overcome challenges, resulting in a well-structured, easy-to-navigate, clear, and comprehensive guide for all users.

François Trahan, coordinator 2024 ISC/SCI Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award, Stephen Ullstrom and Heather Ebbs

ISC/SCI Conference 2024 Is This Week!!

Conference Committee

Register or log in on the conference website:

Make and renew connections, develop skills, and grow your indexing business from your office at the ISC/SCI Conference 2024 The Art of Connection, starting THIS Thursday, May 31st, to Saturday June 1, 2024.

See you soon!


Introducing Cindex 4.3 for Professional Indexers

Indexing Society of Canada

PRESS RELEASE: April 15, 2024 from Cindex Open Source Working Group

Welcome to Cindex 4.3!

We’re thrilled to announce that Cindex, the perennial favorite software for professional indexers worldwide, is now open source and completely free. Whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, Cindex 4.3 brings you the full classic functionality and capabilities indexers know and love.

What’s New in Cindex 4.3?

  • Open Source: The code for Cindex has been released, empowering users to explore, contribute, and enhance the software.
  • Full Edition: No more limitations! Download your own copy of the complete Cindex software.
  • No More Demos: Say goodbye to demonstration editions or student versions.

How to Get Cindex 4.3:

Visit to download your free copy of Cindex and learn more. Dive into the world of professional indexing with confidence!
Thank you for being part of the Cindex community. Let’s index together!

Cindex Open Source Working Group

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