The goals of the Indexing Society of Canada / Société canadienne d’indexation (ISC/SCI) are to:

  • encourage the production and use of indexes;
  • promote the recognition of indexers;
  • improve indexing techniques;
  • provide a means of communication among individual indexers across Canada.

To this end, we operate a number of programs for the members and public.

Find an Indexer

Do you need an indexer for your project?

The “Register of Indexers Available” (Find an Indexer) provides searchable information on indexers mostly freelancers, who are available for indexing and related work.

All indexers listed are members of the Indexing Society of Canada (ISC). We hope that the Register will help you locate a qualified indexer.


Indexing Excellence

The Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award for excellence in indexing is open to members and non-members alike.

The award is presented to an individual who has created an index that demonstrates outstanding expertise. Indexes are judged by a panel of experienced indexers according to specific guidelines and criteria. The award consists of a framed certificate accompanied by a letter.

More information about this award and how to apply for it can be found here.

Bursaries and Scholarships

From time to time, the ISC/SCI awards funds to help new and aspiring indexers achieve their career goals.

The Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary for Indexers was established with the aim of furthering a diverse indexing environment by inspiring the participation of individuals who self-identify as belonging to an underrepresented or marginalized group.

Conference Scholarships are occasionally given to help newer members defray the costs of attending in-person annual conferences.

Service Recognition

The Tamarack Award, is presented each year to a member who contributes extraordinary volunteer service to the organization.

Magpie Kudos is a way for a member to publicly thank another member who made a difference to them. The recipient receives a thank-you email, and the notification is published in the Bulletin.


The Bulletin is the ISC/SCI newsletter. It is published three times a year and includes ISC/SCI news plus relevant articles on indexing. The Bulletin is provided online to members.

Not a member? Below are three free sample issues.

Spring :: Printemps 2020
Fall :: Automne 2020
Winter :: Hiver 2020

Annual Conference

Each year, ISC/SCI holds a conference. The format alternates between virtual and in-person. In-person conferences are held in various locations across Canada. A portion of the event is devoted to the announcement of the winner of the Ewart-Daveluy Award for Excellence in Indexing.

One of the highlights of the conference is the announcement of the winner of the Ewart-Daveluy Award for Excellence in Indexing.

The public is invited to attend.

View past conference programs.

View details of the upcoming conference.

Mary Newberry Mentorship Program

The ISC/SCI/s mentorship program was developed to:

  • Assist new indexers to develop their skills and business
  • Assist mature indexers to develop a new discipline or skill
  • Provide an additional resource for indexers in remote communities, who may not have access to other resources or indexing communities
  • Foster relationships between new and mature ISC/SCI members, and to encourage greater involvement in the indexing community
  • Promote excellence in indexing

Learn more about the Mary Newberry Mentorship program.

TIDE (The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee)

TIDE was developed to help the ISC/SCI fully reflect the diversity of Canadian society and to be able to provide high quality indexes to diverse stakeholders outside the Society.

TIDE Committee founded the Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary for Indexers in 2019. The goal of the bursary is to create a diverse indexing environment by inspiring the participation of individuals who self-identify as belonging to an underrepresented or marginalized group.

If you would like more information about this committee or the bursary, please go to the TIDE page.

Chats, Discussion Groups, and More

The ISC/SCI provides many ways for members to network, seek help, and/or contribute to fellow indexers. Here are a just a few:

Regional meetings

Every two months, our regional groups have meetings and get-togethers to talk about indexing and freelancing in general. These meetings are typically open to the public. To find a regional meeting near you, visit the calendar.

National chats

In the alternate months between regional meetings, members are invited to meet their colleagues and talk about indexing at our nation-wide virtual chats.

Listservs and other discussion groups

Members and the public are free to join most of the listservs and other ongoing forums dedicated to indexing topics. Most ISC/SCI members subscribe to the ISC-L listserv.

Annual Conferences

Our annual conferences are designed to ensure that new and experienced members have plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize. Our Fireside Chats have helped many new indexers prepare the way to launching their freelancing indexing business.