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The following resources are offered in English. If you know of any French resources, please let us know.

Training to write indexes

Indexing: Theory and Application (University of California at Berkeley) – Online

Award-winning online course developed by indexer and instructor Sylvia Coates. Teaches “the fundamentals of writing, editing, and delivering back-of-the-book indexes to publishing clients,” as well as embedded and Web indexing. Students learn to use each of the three major indexing software programs (Cindex, Macrex, and SKY).

Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports (Toronto Metropolitan University) – Online, seven-week course

The indexing course – part of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Publishing Program – focuses on back-of-the-book indexing, as well as the indexing of journals, reports, and Web sites. Topics range from indexing basics such as alphabetization and punctuation to software and the business of freelance indexing. “Although the emphasis is placed on the practical craft of indexing, the art of an elegant index will also be addressed.”

Alexandra Peace teaches Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports (CDPB 311).

Indexing: An Essential Art and Science (Simon Fraser University) – Online, five-week course

This course – part of Simon Fraser University’s Marketing and Communications Program – is designed for both aspiring indexers and editors who must oversee the indexing work of others. The wide range of topics includes not just the basics of index creation but style guides and reference works, the business of indexing, and opportunities for networking and professional development. Offered as an online course.

ASI Training Course – Online

Available to ASI members only. Explore indexing and learn how to index via three self-study units that are now accessed online from a secure Training Course website. Students must successfully meet the requirements of all three examinations to be awarded an ASI Certificate of Completion.

Indexing Partners Indexing Boot Camp

Since 2008, Enid Zafran has offered an Indexing Boot Camp at her offices in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This unique one-on-one training is aimed at newer indexers to give them the skills and confidence they need to pursue a career in indexing.

Society of Indexers (U.K.) Course – Correspondence

The Society of Indexers runs its own distance-learning course, “Training in Indexing,” which consists of four assessed modules (Units) plus a practical indexing assignment. Although anyone may purchase the Units, only members of the Society of Indexers may take the formal tests. Successful candidates are officially accredited by the Society. For further details, please visit the Society Web page via the link above.

Other education

Computer Applications – Online

Many public libraries offer access to Gale Courses, which include training in applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel and basic Adobe InDesign. Sessions are instructor led and run for six weeks. New sessions start on the third Wednesday of the month.

Some public libraries also offer access to courses, which include training in Microsoft Word and Excel and more comprehensive Adobe InDesign. The courses are delivered as videos. You can also sign up for a paid monthly subscription at

Publishing, Editing, and Writing | Édition, rédaction et écriture

Editors’ Association of Canada

Seminars on various aspects of editing and publishing are offered throughout the year. Simply click on the name of your regional branch in the left-hand navigation bar for access to links on seminars in your area.

Toronto Metropolitan University Publishing Program

Simon Fraser University – Writing and Communications Program

Tel. (778) 782-800

Taxonomies, Controlled Vocabularies, and Thesaurus Creation (Hedden Information Management) – Online   This course provides both a basic introduction to taxonomies, discusses best practices for creating terms and relationships, and provides some practice to start working on taxonomies and thesauri.