La Société canadienne d’indexation / Indexing Society of Canada (SCI/ISC) est l’association nationale canadienne des indexeurs. Nous vous invitons à trouver un indexeur, à consulter nos publications et les ressources pour les indexeurs, en apprendre davantage au sujet des congrès et événements, et à devenir membre de la Société.

Trouvez un indexeur

Trouvez un indexeur spécialisé dans le domaine de votre projet.

Trouver des ressources

Trouvez de l’information sur les index, les pratiques d’indexation et les formations offertes en indexation.

Participez à un événement

Participez à une réunion entre indexeurs ou au congrès annuel.

Devenez membre

Joignez-vous à la Société et profitez des avantages d’une adhésion.

La Société désire que ses langues de travail soient le français et l’anglais. Vous noterez, par contre, qu’une partie du contenu de notre site Web n’est qu’en anglais seulement. Si vous voulez nous aider à accroître le contenu en français nous acceptons les bénévoles avec des connaissances dans l’indexation et le monde de l’édition; envoyez un courriel à notre présidente :

Annual General Meeting 2021

ISC/SCI’s announces its 2021 Annual General Meeting on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at noon EDT, online via Zoom.

This is an election year, so we will be voting in a new executive committee. We also need membership approval for our financial statements for 2020–2021 fiscal year.

If you are unable to attend but would still like your voice heard, you can request a proxy form from

If you plan to bring a motion to the floor, please email by June 5, 2021 so it can be added to the agenda.

In addition to those housekeeping items, we will also tell you a bit about what the executive committee has been up to over the past year: Conference 2021, national video chats, results from the general membership survey, and more!

And of course, there are some awards to be given out. Please check the agenda for a more detailed listing.

All the documents—the agenda, financial statements, the annual report, and last year’s minutes—are now available.

We are asking you to RSVP, as we need to make sure that we will have quorum. Please let us know that you plan to attend by emailing Alexandra Peace at Alex will respond with the link for the meeting.

Announcing Magpie Kudos

It was suggested by a member that the Tamarack Award for Volunteer of the Year and the president’s Certificates of Recognition are well and good, but they don’t provide an opportunity for the membership to have a say in thanking people.

And so we created the Magpie Kudos award. It’s a fun, easy, and distinctive way for a member to thank another member who has made a difference to them. As an award giver, you simply fill out the short form with the name of the recipient and a few sentences on what you would like to thank them for. The more specific, the more effective the award. You can even express your gratitude anonymously.

The award recipient will receive an attractive, archive-worthy thank-you email, and recognition in an upcoming issue of the Bulletin.

To give a Magpie Kudos, visit the Member Dashboard at any time and look for the Magpie Kudos link. Or follow the link here.

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