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Amanda Rodgers

I am an indexer, proofreader, and copywriter based in Newmarket, Ontario. I completed the Berkeley extension course in indexing in 2017 and have worked as a writer and proofreader since 2012. My experience and interests include music, arts and crafts including photography, real estate, and health care. See for more information.


Adrian Mather

A professional and dedicated indexer I work on scholarly and trade non-fiction. My indexes are clear, comprehensive and delivered on time. I have been in business for 15 years and have produced numerous indexes for a variety of publishers. Please see my website at for more information.


Katie Rodgers

I am an indexer, editor, proofreader and teacher. I have a BA with a major in Criminology and a minor in Sociology (SFU). I also have an MA in Education (SFU), a TESOL diploma (VCC), a Professional Teaching Certificate (BC) and an Editing Certificate (SFU), which included indexing courses. I taught English and all levels and skills of ESL for many years, worked in corporate communications and then turned my...


Celia Braves

I have over a decade of experience in writing back-of-the-book indexes for university presses worldwide. I specialize in monographs and multi-authored scholarly publications in the areas of critical humanities and social science research. Topics include Asian history, Black history, biometric technology, Canadian history, cultural studies, environmental studies and resource management, feminist theory, film and media studies, French history, gender and identity studies, Indigenous Peoples, geography, labour politics, and Marxist philosophy. ...


Gillian Watts

As principal of Word Watch Editorial Services, I have been indexing for 20 years, a career enriched by my previous experience in the fields of architecture, museums and heritage conservation. My editing and proofreading skills definitely add value to my indexing, as evidenced by extensive typo lists submitted with the final product. Clients appreciate my analytical skills, flexibility, thoroughness and willingness to go the extra mile to provide an index...


Vanessa Wells

I'm an indexer with discrete degrees and areas of expertise and experience: sociology, psychology, Latin, classical studies, theology (both academic and devotional), education, gemology, private investigation, opera, homeschooling, and film. I also copy edit and proofread in print and in video captions, subtitles and credits. A fierce defender of accessibility, especially by demanding excellence in captions for the Deaf, deaf, and hard of hearing—no more craptions!—I am taking ASL classes in...


Vicki Soon-Ai Low

Over the past decade, I have worked with university presses and individual academics on over a hundred scholarly books in a diversity of subject areas, from a monograph on martial arts films to a two-volume encyclopaedia of English historical linguistics. (A complete list of publications indexed and edited may be found on my website.) I have a particular interest in books related to Asian studies, and am able to work...


Pierre Joyal

I learned the job of indexer at the House of Commons where I indexed the work of parliamentary committees for a number of years. Having since become self-employed, my goal is to create and design communication networks and knowledge structures that allow the user to find what he is looking for immediately and to be sure that all relevant information has been collected. As an indexer, my main concern is...


Carla DeSantis

I love to gather and organize information. As a scholarly researcher, I am accustomed to managing lengthy and complex research and writing projects. As a professional indexer, I apply those same skills to your book by meticulously reading and analysing your content to create a carefully composed and useful back-of-the-book index. I specialize in scholarly and academic materials (Humanities, Social Sciences, Business), including complex documentation and multilingual texts, in a...


Kendra Millis

Millis Indexing Services focuses on back-of-the-book indexing in a variety of fields. Academic background in literature, literary criticism, history, philosophy, translation and foreign languages. Work experience in non-profit sector, in the field of international education. Open to new clients, in many different fields. Available for rush jobs. No matter the size or deadline of project, we pride ourselves on providing a detailed, well-written index, delivered on time or early.


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