Conference 2018 :: Congrès 2018 – Winnipeg, MB

Historic Fort Garry Hotel, venue for the ISC/SCI conference
Historic Fort Garry Hotel, venue for the ISC/SCI conference

Winnipeg, June 8 – 9, 2018

Fort Garry Hotel

Get into the flow and join us in Winnipeg for our 2018 conference.

  • Discover the best tips and techniques for your indexing practice
  • Explore new insights and ideas for your business and career
  • Meet and mingle with colleagues old and new

Winnipeg is an extraordinary city situated on the Canadian Prairie at the crossroads of ancient North American canoe routes. Consider lingering a while to experience the rich multicultural heritage, the prairie landscape, and illuminating attractions such as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (“the world’s only museum that explores human rights as a concept and aspiration”) and the Winnipeg Art Gallery (the largest collection of Inuit art in the world). Learn more about what to do while you are in Winnipeg.


View or download the conference program.


To help you plan your travel, here’s the schedule of activities:

  • Thursday, June 7: a pre-conference event, starting at 5:30
  • Friday, June 8: breakfast, sessions from 9 until 5, and banquet dinner at 6:30
  • Saturday, June 9: breakfast, sessions from 9 until 5, followed by a reception at the conference hotel
  • Sunday, June 10, 9:00 to 12:00: Workshop: “Indexing for Multiple Outputs” presented by Cheryl Landes, renowned speaker and owner of Tabby Cat Communications.

Donations and Sponsorships

Thank you to the following people and organizations who provided door prizes and equipment for our conference. You helped make it a success.

Conference Announcements

A big thank you to our conference donors and sponsors

Dish of Candy

Thanks to the wonderful donors and sponsors of our 2018 Conference in Winnipeg! Their contributions of door prizes and equipment helped make the conference a … […]

Another Successful Conference

Our June 2018 ISC/SCI annual conference brought old and new friends together sharing information and laughs.

2018 Conference Photos Here!

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ISC/SCI Unveils 2018 Conference Program | Early Bird Pricing Closes Soon

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While you are in Winnipeg

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Our Conference Venue – the Iconic Fort Garry Hotel

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Save the date

Historic Fort Garry Hotel, venue for the ISC/SCI conference

Winnipeg, June 8 – 9, 2018 Fort Garry Hotel Navigating the confluence of text and context Get into the flow and join us in Winnipeg … […]