Special Projects committee

The ISC/SCI has, over the years, accumulated some surplus funds. Some of these funds will be kept aside as a reserve in case of deficit. However, the rest of the money is available to spend. These surplus funds will enrich our small but enthusiastic organization in the years to come.

We, the Special Projects committee, have been tasked with finding projects that will benefit the membership but that cost money.

One idea that came to fruition was the Bursary for Structurally Disadvantaged People. The bursary is for one person, and it will cover fees for an indexing course, two years of ISC membership with listing, and entry into the Mentorship program.

The Special Projects Committee is looking for more exciting ideas! Please contact us if you have some to share. If you are interested in being part of the team that researches these ideas, also get in touch.

Contact: special_projects@indexers.ca