Announcing Magpie Kudos

It was suggested by a member that the Tamarack Award for Volunteer of the Year and the president’s Certificates of Recognition are well and good, but they don’t provide an opportunity for the membership to have a say in thanking people.

And so we created the Magpie Kudos award. It’s a fun, easy, and distinctive way for a member to thank another member who has made a difference to them. As an award giver, you simply fill out the short form with the name of the recipient and a few sentences on what you would like to thank them for. The more specific, the more effective the award. You can even express your gratitude anonymously.

The award recipient will receive an attractive, archive-worthy thank-you email, and recognition in an upcoming issue of the Bulletin.

To give a Magpie Kudos, visit the Member Dashboard at any time and look for the Magpie Kudos link. Or follow the link here.

Ewart-Daveluy Award Submissions: Deadline Extended to March 10

Thinking of submitting for an award? You have more time!

We have extended the deadline to March 10, 2021 to send the nomination form. Last year we had a record number of applications, and we hope to have even more this year.

It has never been easier to apply. The submission costs $30. You will need to send a PDF of the published book, and if you wish, you may also submit the documents you sent to your publisher. The award is open to Canadians and residents of Canada, and the book must have been published in 2019 or 2020.

Feedback will be provided to up to three runners-up. Our committee of five experienced indexers will work together to identify index features that shine and those that need a bit more polishing. This year, our guest reviewer is Kate Mertes, a frequent conference speaker and two-time winner of the ASI indexing award.

You have lots to gain. If you win, you can feel more confident in your skills. And if you don’t win, you are very likely to get expert feedback to help you become an even better indexer.

Learn more about the award process and guidelines.

Conference Registration Now Open

Registration for the ISC/SCI Annual Conference is now open.

Take advantage of these early bird rates for the three-day virtual conference:

  • Members (including ASI, ANSZI, SI, all other affiliates and Editors Canada): $60
  • Non-members: $100
  • Special rate for eligible full-time students: $35
  • Optional Fireside Chat for new indexers: $10

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

The conference speakers cover a variety of topics to help you improve your indexing practice, make your business thrive, and expand your knowledge of issues pertinent to our industry. Visit the conference page for the list of speakers and topics.

There will also be opportunities to meet up with old friends and chat with new ones.

Register now before Early Bird pricing ends April 30.

Bursary Application Extended

In February we had announced the Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary. The deadline is extended for the Indexing Society of Canada’s Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary! Applications are now due midnight Central Time, July 1, 2020.

The goal of the bursary is to help achieve equality of opportunity for aspiring indexers belonging to underrepresented and/or marginalized groups. Please follow this link to the bursary application, which includes information on the eligibility requirements:

Thank you to all applicants and to all who have assisted in spreading the word about this initiative.

2019 Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award: Your Name Here

We know there were some terrific indexes written in 2018 by you. But only one of you submitted one for the Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award. That’s just too few. Where were the rest of you? How can we encourage you to submit your hard work in 2020? (Maybe even that index from 2018?)

The application has never been easier. It’s all online. You don’t need a hard copy — a PDF of the book with the index is enough. The cost is only $30. And did you know that we provide feedback for up to three runners-up? That’s feedback from three experienced indexers.

We are looking for print book indexes that creatively overcome challenges, resulting in an outstanding, well-structured, easy-to-navigate, clear and comprehensive guide for all of its users. There’s no restriction to the subject matter or genre — textbooks, cookbooks, guidebooks, memoirs, art books, how-to books, travel books, all books — it’s your index we will be looking at.

“Oh, but,” you say, “I’m too new!” Nonetheless, you suspect that the index you wrote for that odd little guide to breaking up with your phone was really effective. Or you’re pretty sure you did a big favour to people looking for answers to their ailments by the way you exposed the hidden gems in that dense book about digestion. Or you amazed yourself with managing to build a clear guide to too many pages in the limited space allotted by the press.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Maybe you’ll get the prize (which won’t happen if you don’t apply). And if not, you’re very likely to get expert confidential feedback. That’s worth a lot.

Because we think there are indexes out there that we should have seen, for 2020, we are opening the submissions up to books published in 2018 and 2019 — a second chance to submit that index that you seriously considered, but didn’t quite have the time or courage to follow through. If you are a Canadian indexer or a Canadian resident, 2020 is the time to do it.

Watch for more information about the 2020 award deadline to come.