The Indexing Society of Canada / Société canadienne d’indexation (ISC/SCI) is Canada’s national association of indexers. We invite you to find an indexer for your project, read our publications, discover our conferences, events, and resources for indexers, find out about membership, and learn about the Society.

Find an indexer

Find an indexer who works in your subject area for your project.

Find resources

Find information about indexes, indexing practices, and training in indexing.

Attend an event

Attend a local meeting of indexers or attend the annual conference.

Become a member

Join the Society and enjoy the benefits of membership.

How to Start a Member-Initiated Group

A member-initiated group (MIG) is managed and led by an ISC/SCI member, not necessarily a committee or executive committee member, for the purpose of learning and networking with other members. Examples: a group studying a software manual or a discussion group on an indexing book.

MIGs provide opportunities for members to learn, communicate and collaborate with each other. It’s one more benefit of membership.

MIGs have two possible structures:

An open group that members can drop in and out of at any time

A group that members can join by a certain date, and after that date, the group is full (e.g., for a book discussion)

The group may only be initiated by an ISC/SCI member, but the group may have non-ISC/SCI members.

To start a group, first put out a call for participants on the ISC/SCI email list (ISC-L). Then contact your regional representative. Together with your regional rep, you will fill out a form and find and reserve a slot for meetings on our Zoom platform.

ISC/SCI Members Receive the DReam to Index Scholarship

Congratulations to Matthew MacLellan, Jessica MacLeod, and Laurel Rush of ISC/SCI, and Heather Pendley of ASI on their win of the DReam to Index Scholarship.

From the DReam to Index team:

The four recipients of 2022 DReam to Index scholarships intend to use the funds for either the Indexing Society of Canada (ISC/SCI) virtual conference (scheduled for May 12–14) or for the American Society for Indexing (ASI) virtual conference (scheduled for April 29–30).  

In 2018, the Friends of Dave established a fund to honor David K. Ream who passed away at the end of 2017.  Dave, who was well known throughout the indexing communities of the world, provided computer-programming, database construction, and typesetting to indexers and abstractors for more than 30 years. Dave gave so much to the field of indexing and was especially interested in helping indexers succeed in their work.  That is why we have chosen to honor him by recognizing new people coming to the field and helping them on their indexing journey.

Thank you to all of the contestants who applied for the 2022 scholarship. Friends of Dave wish much success to them all in their future indexing careers.

The recipients of future DReam to Index scholarships can apply the funds to national conferences of the American Society for Indexing, Society of Indexers, Indexing Society of Canada, Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers, or Association of South African Indexers and Bibliographers. In 2023, the DReam to Index scholarships will be offered for the final time using the same criteria – for more information about Dave Ream and the scholarships please see