American Society for Indexing Special Event: Getting Better!

Improving the indexing mind, body and business

This special event will be held virtually via Zoom, on Thursday and Friday, December 1 and 2, 2022.

Whether you are a new indexer or have years of experience, you continually strive to improve. This special event features five speakers who are ready to show you techniques for getting better at what you do. On Thursday, we’ll watch a live indexing demonstration from long-time indexer Max McMaster, joining us from Australia. On Friday, four presenters help you learn methods to get better by improving your mind, body and business. Join us as experts from around the globe share their knowledge about Getting Better!

Thursday, December 1

Event Kickoff: Live Indexing Demonstration!

4:00 PM, Pacific / 7:00 PM, Eastern (60-minute session)
In this session, Max McMaster will index two genres that are not often demonstrated: cookbooks and children’s books! He will spend approximately 20 minutes on a sample of each. These PDFs will be made available on Max’s website for download. Attendees will watch the indexes come to life in real time via screen sharing. The final 10 minutes of the session will be devoted to questions.

Max McMaster is an Australian freelance book indexer who has compiled over 2,750 indexes in a range of disciplines including the sciences, environment, business, cooking, travel, and government reporting. He has been awarded the ANZSI Medal for book indexing on three occasions. Until recently, he has been an instructor for the University of California, Berkeley Extension indexing course, a role he held for the past 12 years. Full details available at

Friday, December 2

Best Practices and Rookie Mistakes (that even experienced indexers can make)

10:00 AM, Pacific / 1:00 PM, Eastern (60-minute session)
As an indexer, questions of how to handle specific challenges can often be answered by referencing the Best Practices guidelines. But how do you move through the day-to-day choices without making rookie mistakes? Pilar will guide you through some of the most common errors and offer insight on how to keep them from tripping you up. Having judged and reviewed countless indexes in her ongoing career as an index educator and trainer and remembering what it was like when she started indexing in the late 80s, Pilar will review typical mistakes and trends, how to prevent them, and how to align your index work with indexing best practices.

Pilar Wyman chief indexer and consultant, Wyman Indexing, has been writing indexes and providing related services for over 32 years. Currently, she is the leader of the ASI Digital Publications Indexing Special Interest Group (DPI-SIG) and Regional Sales Manager, USA/Canada for Index-Manager. She is a past president of ASI and a founding member of the Institute of Certified Indexers (ICI). Pilar works in English, Spanish and French in clinical medicine, health, technology, and other areas of personal interest. She has published numerous articles and other works on indexing and gives presentations and training workshops as time allows. More on Pilar at

Indexing Repackaged: Expanding Your Business in New Directions

11:15 AM, Pacific / 2:15 PM, Eastern (45-minute session)

You have worked hard to develop your indexing skills and grow your business. Now what? This presentation looks at different ways to repackage your indexing skills into new services and products, creating new possibilities for business growth.

Stephen Ullstrom is an indexer and writer living in Edmonton, Alberta. He started his freelance business in 2012 and, in addition to indexing, enjoys experimenting with content creation and thinking about what it means to run a one-person business. His forthcoming book is Book Indexing: A Step-by-Step Guide. More on Stephen at

Soft Wear

12:15 PM, Pacific / 3:15 PM, Eastern (30-minute session)

A book indexer’s most significant tool isn’t their software. It’s their own body. We’ll learn a few simple ways to support our wrists, hands, backs, and hips, and a calming breath to help with stress.

Yoga instructor (and indexer), Anna-Marie Larsen, has taught yoga to soccer players in West Africa, to medical doctors in Cuba, and to victims of acid attacks in Cambodia. At home in Canada, Anna-Marie teaches mindfulness and yoga to urban-dwellers. Anna-Marie had the pleasure of presenting two “Cricks and Kinks” sessions at ASI’s 2018 conference. More on Anna-Marie at

Crafting Your Online Professional Profile: Marketing Made Easy

1:00 PM, Pacific / 4:00 PM, Eastern (45-minute session)

Indexing society websites (ANZSI, ASAIB, ASI, CSI, DNI, ISC/SCI, NIN, SI), LinkedIn, EFA, subject-specific professional organizations, and all the social media sites – so many places for potential clients to find you! This fast-paced session will cover specific tips for crafting each component of your online professional profile to attract the clients you want. Detailed handouts will be provided.

Connie Binder is generally acknowledged to be the laziest person in the world. The freelance life suits her well, allowing her to index while relaxing in her backyard hammock. Having a well-crafted and consistent online presence allows her to sit back and let clients come to her. More on Connie at

Your registration includes all five presentations (4 hours of programming plus 45 minutes of break). Each session will be followed by a 15-minute break or networking time. The program is subject to change without notice.

Please note: This virtual event will be presented live via Zoom, and the sessions will be recorded. However, in order to encourage open participation, the Q&A at the end of each session will not be recorded. Just as with an in-person event, attendees will be able to ask questions by (electronically) raising their hands or by asking questions in the chat box. Please understand that the quality of the live presentation may be lower for viewers with slower internet connections. Recordings will be available for one year following the event for those who register.



Thursday, December 1

Pacific Time: 4 PM to 5 PM | Mountain Time: 5 PM to 6 PM
Central Time: 6 PM to 7 PM | Eastern Time: 7 PM to 8 PM

Friday, December 2

Pacific Time: 10 AM to 1:45 PM | Mountain Time: 11 AM to 2:45 PM
Central Time: 12 PM to 3:45 PM | Eastern Time: 1 PM to 4:45 PM

Please register no later than 5 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, November 30. No refunds can be given after November 28.

To register, visit

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