Carla DeSantis, PhD


I love to gather and organize information. As a scholarly researcher, I am accustomed to managing lengthy and complex research and writing projects. As a professional indexer, I apply those same skills to your book by meticulously reading and analysing your content to create a carefully composed and useful back-of-the-book index. I specialize in scholarly and academic materials (Humanities, Social Sciences, Business), including complex documentation and multilingual texts, in a range of fields and disciplines: literature, linguistics, history, religion, philosophy, sociology, political science, economics, business.

I also offer indexing and editing services for English texts containing Latin, Ancient Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and (limited) Arabic, and translating services from Italian, Spanish, and Latin into English.

I won the 2020 Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award for excellence in indexing, for the index that I wrote for Heather Bamford, Cultures of the Fragment: Uses of the Iberian Manuscript, 1100-1600 (University of Toronto Press, 2018).

Examples of a my indexing work include: (links are to; please use the “Look inside!” feature to view the index)

In addition to my academic background in language and literature (PhD, Medieval Studies: Medieval Latin and Romance Philology; MA, Classical Latin; BA, Classics and Spanish), I have taught university-level language courses, held research positions, and worked as a freelance editor since 2011 for university presses and individual scholars.

As a dual U.S./Canadian citizen, I am available for telecommuting employment in both countries.

Other specialized subject areas include:  Classics, antiquity, ancient culture, medieval studies, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Humanism, Romance philology, dialects, literary criticism, poetry, theatre, theater, drama, textual criticism, manuscript studies, palaeography, codicology, hermeneutics, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Toronto, theology, Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Jewish studies, Islam, Muslim studies, mythology, grammar, grammatical texts, etymology, lexicography, history of book production, bibliography, political science, education, style guides, genealogy, parenting, juvenile diabetes

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  • Arts and Humanities: Archaeology and ancient history, Art and architecture, History, Language and linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion and spirituality
  • Economy, politics and law: General, Business, Economics, Government and politics
  • Industry and technology: Communications
  • International studies: Canadian studies, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, United States, International relations
  • Lifestyle and Leisure: Food and drink, Travel and tourism, Personal development
  • Society: Anthropology, Culture, Education, Family, Gender studies, Social activism, Sociology and social services, Urban studies
  • Materials - Books: Scholarly books, Biographies and memoirs, Textbooks, Bibliographies, Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and glossaries
  • Materials - Other: Academic papers and essays, Government materials, Reports, Business/government correspondence, Periodicals and almanacs
  • Other Skills: Consulting, Teaching/training, Editing, Proofreading, Translation, Writing