Bhavya Enterprise Indexing


I am an experienced full time indexer. I have over 19 years experience in the publishing industry and information management. The majority of my experience has been in the specific field of back-of-the-book indexing, embedded indexing, database indexing and abstracting of STM (scientific, technical and medical) journals and books. I am meticulous, thorough, precise, and take deadlines seriously. I work independently and make professional decisions according to best practices in indexing. As an indexer, I create indexes for trade books, textbooks, encyclopedias and law books.

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  • Arts and Humanities: History, Language and linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Religion and spirituality, Media studies
  • Economy, politics and law: General, Business, Government and politics, Law, Military and defense
  • Health and medicine: Medicine and pharmacology, Alternative health, Psychology and mental health, Health Care
  • Industry and technology: Agriculture, Horticulture, Communications, Construction and real estate, Energy, Engineering and electronics, Information services and technology, Natural resources, Transportation
  • International studies: Africa, Asia, Canadian studies, Europe, Developing countries, Australia and Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean, United States, International relations
  • Lifestyle and Leisure: Food and drink, Gardening, Animals and pets, Interior design and decorating, Sports, fitness, and recreation, Travel and tourism, Personal development
  • Sciences: Biological sciences, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Ecology and environment, Information science, Physics and astronomy, Veterinary medicine and animal science
  • Society: Anthropology, Indigenous peoples, Culture, Education, Family, Gender studies, Senior studies, Child studies, Social activism, Sociology and social services, Urban studies
  • Materials - Books: Scholarly books, Trade monographs, Biographies and memoirs, Children and young adult, Cookbooks, Guidebooks, Textbooks, Manuals and how-to books, Software and technical manuals, Bibliographies, Catalogues and directories, Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and glossaries
  • Materials - Other: Academic papers and essays, Government materials, Contracts and collective agreements, Policies and procedures, Periodicals and almanacs, Databases, Personal files and correspondence, Pictures and illustrations, Transcripts and minutes
  • Other Skills: Abstracting, Taxonomies and thesaurus construction, Embedded indexing, Writing