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Upcoming Events

ISC/SCI Members Receive the DReam to Index Scholarship

Indexing Society of Canada

Congratulations to Jess Herdman, Jessica Dee Humphreys, and Wendy Savage of ISC/SCI, Anna Aridome of ISC/SCI and ASI, and Lara Abed of ASI on their win of the DReam to Index Scholarship.

From the DReam to Index team:

The winners will all receive a scholarship to attend indexing conferences. David K. Ream provided invaluable support to indexers, publishers, institutes and corporations, government offices, and the information industry at large. His significant accomplishments continue to have impact for all his clients and all who benefited from his skills and knowledge. He strongly supported the education of those entering the field of indexing and would be proud to know that these new indexers are benefiting from his legacy.

ASI Conference 2023: “The Eyes Have It”

Indexing Society of Canada


APRIL 28–29, 2023. Presented by the American Society of Indexers

Indexers view books with a unique perspective. They look for concepts and ideas that readers seek and determine the best ways to help them find what they’re looking for. This year’s ASI conference considers the indexer perspective—past, present, and future. By taking a look back, indexers can discover how their work has been informed. Real-world insights help indexers enhance the skills they use on a daily basis. A glimpse ahead foretells how indexers will fit into the future landscape of publishing.

You’ll see two highly engaging keynote speakers: Jennifer Parrucci, senior taxonomist, gives an insider look at metadata at the New York Times and how news content is organized; Olga Brudastova, President of Local 2110, reveals what we can learn from the recent HarperCollins strike.

Attendees may choose from four bonus sessions on indexing software that give users an over-the-shoulder peek at the tips and tricks experts use.

Join us for this informative and interesting view of the world of indexing. Register now to ensure your seat.

  • Eight sessions about indexing and the business of indexing
  • Preconference—Fred Leise will teach a three-hour Introduction-to-Indexing Workshop on April 27, 2023 Separate registration required. Limited seating
  • Bonus: Software sessions. Focus your gaze on tips and tricks of your indexing software of choice via screen sharing from an expert moderator!

Click to view the 2023 Conference Program and to REGISTER.

ISC/SCI members are eligible for a discount using the code found in the Member Dashboard.

ISC/SCI Webinar “Arabic Names, Indexing of”

Indexing Society of Canada

Indexing Arabic names is challenging even for indexers who read Arabic. On Tuesday, March 14, from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. Eastern Time, we are hosting a webinar that we hope will help solve that problem. The webinar is free and is open to members only.

In this webinar Ælfwine Mischler will present on the following:

  • differences between modern and premodern names
  • the definite article
  • letters ayn and hamza
  • names that must not be split
  • titles and honorifics
  • which name to use as the entry point
  • resources for indexers

Ælfwine is an American copyeditor and indexer living in Cairo, Egypt. She works primarily on Islamic studies and Middle East studies books and has written a series of seven blog posts in American Editor about editing romanized Arabic in English texts and other posts on indexing. Ælfwine is also an ISC/SCI member.

To get the most out of the webinar, Ælfwine recommends that you prepare with these articles in her Romanized Arabic in English Texts series, written for editors:

The 1 1/4 hour presentation will include a question-and-answer session. Attendees will be muted but will be able to ask questions using the chat box. Ælfwine will also take your questions before the webinar if you send them to by March 7.

The presentation (but not the Q&A) will be recorded. Once the recording is downloaded, it will be made available for purchase ($10) to all ISC/SCI members.

ISC/SCI at 2023 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Indexing Society of Canada

The Indexing Society of Canada / Société canadienne d’indexation (ISC/SCI) is pleased to announce that we will have a booth at the Expo for the 2023 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, run by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, in May. Congress is the largest gathering of academics in Canada. In 2019, prior to the pandemic, 10,600 people registered to attend. This year Congress is back to being in person, at York University in Toronto. We’re excited to have the opportunity to talk with scholars and publishers throughout the academic humanities about what indexers do and how to find one. We can’t wait to show off how great our indexers are!

Learn more about Congress here.

Registration Now Open for ISC/SCI Conference 2023 in Newfoundland

Indexing Society of Canada

The Indexing Society of Canada/Société canadienne d’indexation invites you to join us at our annual conference on June 9 and 10, 2023, at the Murray Premises Hotel in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

This year’s conference theme is “See also Newfoundland.”

Special sessions include the following:

  • a representative from Palgrave Macmillan on their in-house production process for indexes
  • an optometrist on good eye care

Sessions on indexing practices include improving your efficiency (Pierke Bosschieter) and project management (Sergey Lobachev). Information sessions include talks on Mondeca (Glenda Browne), music texts (Paula Clarke Baine), and medieval names and glosses (Jolanta Komornicka). You will also hear highlights from an illustrious indexing career (Mary Newberry), an epic tale of an epic index (Ronnie Seagren), and all about writing a book on indexing (Stephen Ullstrom).

To welcome you to Newfoundland we’ve also organized a special get-together on Thursday afternoon: a boat tour of the harbour that can include sightings of icebergs, whales, and puffins. There is a separate charge for this sought-after event.

The conference will be followed on Sunday afternoon by an optional half-day live-indexing workshop by Stephen Ullstrom to demonstrate his work methods (separate charge).

Conference packages are available for Friday only, Saturday only, or for both days. The Murray Premises Hotel is giving attendees discounted rates for accommodations; these discounts are available for five days before and five days after the conference.

Visit the conference page for more details and registration.

Come to Conference 2023 in St. John’s, Newfoundland! #IndexCanCon2023