A big thank you to our conference donors and sponsors

Dish of CandyThanks to the wonderful donors and sponsors of our 2018 Conference in Winnipeg!

Their contributions of door prizes and equipment helped make the conference a success.

{:en}2018 Ewart-Daveluy Award: Audrey McClellan{:}{:fr}Lauréate du prix en 2018: Audrey McClellan{:}


Christine Jacobson presents the 2018 Ewart-Daveluy award to Audrey McClellan
Christine Jacobs presents the award to Audrey McClellan

Audrey McClellan was presented with the Ewart-Daveluy Award for Indexing Excellence at the awards banquet of the Indexing Society of Canada in Winnipeg on June 9, 2018, for her index to Barry Gough’s Churchill and Fisher: Titans at the Admiralty, published by Seaforth Publishing.

As its title suggests, the book focuses on the relationship between Winston Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty, and John Fisher, as First Sea Lord of the British Royal Navy, but also covers the evolution of the British Navy during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the relevant events of the First World War.

The indexing challenge was to compress 585 pages of what often felt like three books in one into a 13-page index accompanied by a short Index of Ships. Audrey rose to this challenge, achieving a thorough and comprehensive coverage of all relevant topics and personal names, along with the interrelationships between and among topics and names within the space constraints.

An excerpt from the index is available here, courtesy of Seaforth Publishing.{:}{:fr}

Christine Jacobson presents the 2018 Ewart-Daveluy award to Audrey McClellan
Christine Jacobs et Audrey McClellan

Audrey McClellan a reçu le prix d’excellence en indexation Ewart-Daveluy lors du banquet de remise des prix de la Société canadienne d’indexation qui s’est tenu à Winnipeg le 9 juin 2018, pour son index de l’ouvrage Churchill and Fisher: Titans at the Admiralty de Barry Gough, publié par Seaforth Publishing.

Comme le suggère le titre, ce livre décrit la relation entre Winston Churchill, Premier Seigneur de l’Amirauté, avec John Fisher, Premier Seigneur de la Mer de la Marine royale britannique, mais il traite également de l’évolution de la marine britannique à la fin du 19e siècle et au début du 20e siècle, ainsi que de divers évènements pertinents de la Première Guerre mondiale. Le défi le plus important était de condenser, en un index de 13 pages accompagné d’un bref index des navires, les 585 pages de ce qui ressemblait plus souvent à trois livres qu’à un. Audrey a relevé ce défi en couvrant de manière à la fois détaillée et synthétique tous les thèmes et noms de personnes pertinents, ainsi que les corrélations entre et parmi les thèmes et les noms, tout en respectant les exigences en matière d’espace.

Vous trouverez ici un extrait de cet index, gracieusement partagé par Seaforth Publishing.{:}

Another Successful Conference

Our June 2018 ISC/SCI annual conference brought old and new friends together sharing information and laughs.

Patricia Wilkinson, Gregory Younging, Alicia Peres, Pierre Joyal
Mary Newberry, Nancy Wills, Heather Ebbs, Merridy Cox Bradley
Conference Committee (minus JoAnne!)

Announcing ISC/SCI discount for PerfectIt software

ISC/SCI Members: As we announced at the AGM, the ISC/SCI has negotiated a substantial discount on PerfectIt, the professional proofreading software.

PerfectIt helps you deliver error-free documents. It improves consistency, ensures quality, saves time and helps to enforce style guides. It lets you control every change, giving you the assurance your documents are the best they can be.

PerfectIt is used by thousands of editors around the world. You can try it for free for 14 days by visiting www.intelligentediting.com

To purchase an annual license, visit Member Benefits where you will find the link to purchase PerfectIt with a 30% discount.

Mary Newberry Mentorship Program

The Indexing Society of Canada / Société canadienne d’indexation (ISC/SCI) is excited to announce the Mary Newberry Mentorship Program.

Stephen Ullstrom

The proposal for this new initiative was developed over this past year by the mentorship committee, composed of Stephen Ullstrom (chair), Margaret de Boer, and Pierre Joyal. The proposal was accepted by the executive at their May 5, 2018 meeting. The first coordinators for the program are Stephen Ullstrom and Linda Christian (pictured), who were appointed last week at the June executive meeting and conference.

Currently, the program is a proposal on paper. The first task for the coordinators is to turn the proposal into a functioning program. We hope to begin the first mentorships by January 2019.

Linda Christian

Highlights of the proposal include the following:

  • Mentorship will be available to all ISC/SCI members, regardless of level of indexing experience. We firmly believe that mentorship can be valuable at all stages of a career.
  • Mentorship will be one-on-one, and will take place in two-month blocks, with the option for renewal.
  • A small fee will be charged, most of which will be an honorarium for the mentor. We want to make the program accessible for all, while also acknowledging the commitment needed from both parties for mentorship to be a success.

The program is  named  after  our  own  Mary Newberry,  in  recognition  of     her many years  of  mentorship  and teaching.  We are  thrilled to  be able  to honour Mary in this way.

The coordinators and executive are excited for the potential of this new initiative. We hope that it will be of great benefit to all ISC/SCI members. Stay tuned in the coming months for more details as the program takes shape. We look forward to sharing those details with you.