{:en}2015 Ewart-Daveluy Award Recipient: François Trahan{:}{:fr}2015: François Trahan{:}

{:en}2015 Ewart-Daveluy Award Recipient: François Trahan

For Ancient Pathways, Ancestral Knowledge, by Nancy J. Turner, published by McGill-Queen’s University Press. This two-volume ethnobotanical work reflects forty years of research into the people-plant interrelationships of the First Nations in British Columbia. The two indexes can be viewed here.{:}{:fr}Pour Ancient Pathways, Ancestral Knowledge, de Nancy J. Turner (McGill-Queen’s University Press). Cet ouvrage d’ethnobotanique en deux volumes synthétise quarante ans de recherche sur la relation entre les plantes et les Premières Nations de la Colombie-Britannique. Vous pouvez consulter les index ici.{:}

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