On-line Chats

The Indexing Society of Canada hosts a monthly online chat session for members. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your fellow ISC indexers from all over Canada (and beyond!)

For an hour each month, members are free to log in and ask questions, exchange tips, and find out how fellow members are doing.

The chat takes place on a Wednesday each month at 9pm Eastern time. Members receive the login link in an email.

The chat is typing only (no audio or video). The transcripts are saved on the chat transcripts page and are accessible to members only.

Using Chatstep

When you log in, you will be asked to put in a “nickname” (use your own name).

Once you are in, you’ll see buttons on the lower left hand side, such as “Settings.” Here you can set up your screen to suit you. Please turn on “TIME STAMP,” “IMAGES,” and “FAQ”.

You can add documents or graphics to share with others. Just drag and drop the files into your Chatstep window.

Please keep in mind that not everyone types the same speed, so some dialogue might pop in a little slowly. Sometimes there is more than one topic that gets discussed in online chat sessions. You can add context at the beginning of your message if you think it would help, for instance “For Margaret – xxxx” or “indexing schools – xxx”. Typing the person’s name with a colon will send a private message to them. ie. “Margaret: I received the text!” will go only to Margaret.

If you have any questions before or during the session you can email Siusan Moffat.