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Features include (among others): automatic alphabetizing; automatic formatting; search and replace; spell-checking; cross-reference and page reference management. Downloadable demo, information and other products and services from Indexing Research.

CINDEX™ (for Windows, and Macintosh)
Indexing Research
620 Park Avenue, #183
Rochester, NY 14607
Tel: (585) 413-1819


Macrex is stuffed with options designed to reduce the time it takes to write an index. To discover for yourself the immense power and flexibility which has garnered rave reviews from professional and beginning indexers, give the free demo a test drive.

In North America, contact Gale Rhoades ( or 888-348-4292) for a brief tutorial in addition to the demo.

SKY Index

SKY Index Professional is designed to maximize use of the Windows user interface. Features include context menus, tool bars, drag and drop, and online help. Downloadable demos and product information available. Has student version.

Index Manager

Index Manager is another alternative to Sky/Macrex/Cindex, but with an additional feature that helps you very quickly embed the index into InDesign, Word, or an XML document. It was originally written for embedded indexing but can also be used for standalone book indexes. Visit to sign up for their frequent free webinars.

Index Manager (for Windows and Mac)
Klarso GMBH
Berlin Germany

Pilar Wyman
Regional Sales Manager, USA/Canada
Washington, DC
Tel: (443) 336-5497

HTML Indexer

For indexing HTML files: It includes output options for JavaHelp and HTML Help, command-line invocation, and stylistic control. Downloadable demo version of the software is available.

Thesaurus Software | Logiciels de thésaurus

MultiTes Thesaurus Construction

MultiTes handles lists of Terms, Descriptors, Top Terms, Subject Headings, Polyhierarchical Thesauri, Authority Files, Subject Categories, and Multilingual Thesauri. Product information and evaluation copies of software available.

Term Tree 2000

Thesaurus classification creation management software.