The Mary Newberry Mentorship Program

ISC/SCI developed the Mary Newberry Mentorship Program in 2018. Stephen Ullstrom had the idea for the program and he and Linda Christian were the first co-coordinators. The Society named the program after ISC/SCI member Mary Newberry in recognition of her many years of mentorship and teaching.


The goals of the program are as follows:

  • To assist new indexers to develop their skills and business.
  • To assist mature indexers to develop a new discipline or skill.
  • To provide an additional resource for indexers in remote communities, who may not have access to other resources or indexing communities.
  • To foster relationships between new and mature ISC/SCI members, and to encourage greater involvement in the indexing community.
  • To promote excellence in indexing.

About This Program

The Mary Newberry Mentorship Program is an ISC/SCI initiative to connect indexers that are interested in learning new skills with those that are excited to teach. This program is available to ISC/SCI members as a benefit and as part of society efforts to promote professional development and community. After years of connecting mentees and mentors, we continue to be grateful to the ISC/SCI members who give their time to make this program possible!

The mentorships available through the Mary Newberry Mentorship program are meant to focus on one skill that an indexer would like to improve or develop. They last anywhere from six weeks to six months, based on the needs and expectations set by both the mentor and the mentee.

Interested in Participating?

All mentees must be ISC/SCI members. When applying for a mentorship, it is important that you are able to identify what specific skills or area you want to work on and what you want to gain from the program. The more detail, the better. This helps facilitate matches and sets the mentorship up for the most drive and success. To benefit as much as possible from this program, we strongly suggest that you are actively trying to become an established indexer and have either received formal indexing training or have at least two years of experience writing indexes. Consider this a next step in establishing specialties or exploring new areas of indexing.

Mentees do not have to be in the earlier stages of their careers. The mentorship program can be helpful no matter how far down the road of your career you have gone.

Not sure or need more clarification? Reach out to the mentorship committee,, at any time with any question!


The mentorship process starts with a review of the Mentorship Program Terms and filling out the application form. Working through the application process is a way to make sure that you get matched with the right mentor and go into the mentorship with clear goals. The application form and any other details are then sent to From here, the committee will work to match you with a mentor. The goals of the mentorship will be cemented in the first meeting with the mentor, in which you work through the career development exercise to understand and establish the goals of your time together.

Once the first meeting has occurred and both parties want to move forward, the program will facilitate payment of a $100 honorarium to the mentor.


The Mary Newberry Mentorship Program is always looking for mentors. The program does not exist without the generous members sharing their time and skills with other indexers! Have you considered being a mentor? A good place to begin is the topic (or topics) that you would feel comfortable providing mentorship in. Choosing something that makes you excited can be a helpful starting place for sharing that passion. It is important to have first-hand experience, knowledge, and insights in the area in which you’ll be mentoring — mentoring should be built on solid and concrete advice and guidance. In the end, the desire to share knowledge and support successful indexing and indexers in Canada is the most important characteristic of a potential mentor.

If you are interested, or even think that you could be, please email

For mentors, the mentorship process starts with an email to the mentorship committee at Let us know that you are interested in volunteering, what topics or areas that you would be happy to volunteer in and any other information that you want to share that would allow us to facilitate a possible mentorship. You will then hear back with any other questions the committee has. From here, your information will be placed on the program’s list of mentors. Once an application has come in that matches the information that you have provided, the committee will reach out to check your availability. If you are available, we will facilitate the first meeting for the mentorship.

Mentorships are an independent relationship between mentee and mentor based on respect, mutual goals, and (hopefully) fun and enthusiasm! That being said, the committee is always available to help as needed. We want every mentorship to succeed.

Other Resources

Are you looking for something a little broader at this point in your career? Or resources for newer indexers? The ISC/SCI has tools for those looking to learn more in these areas as well. Check out the New and Aspiring Indexers resource page, a member benefit for those closer to the beginning of their careers and ready to expand their tools! Another great resource is the Lending Library, a collection curated to support professional development ready to ship books across the country.