Why hire an indexer?

Who hires indexers?

You will benefit from the services of an indexer if you are or represent

  • an author of a nonfiction book
  • a publisher of nonfiction books
  • the editor of a journal or series
  • a government department with long and complex reports
  • an organization with multiple digital files
  • a service that maintains a database
  • anyone with a multiple-page website
  • any other source where the information needs to be findable

What will an indexer bring to my project?

Indexers are trained to write a comprehensive and useful index that will help your readers find information on significant topics. Indexers bring to the job

  • experience – An indexer has analytical skills, knows the conventions, and knows how to apply them.
  • readers’ point of view – An indexer has the users’ needs in mind and knows how to think from many angles.
  • fresh eyes – An indexer comes to the text without preconceptions, reading it as it was written, not as it was imagined by its creator. The indexer is often the last reader before the text is published or goes live and often finds missed errors. And indexers report those errors to you so that you can feel confident about going to press.
  • community – The indexers whom you find here have access to resources and colleagues. Not many people in Canada (or the world) have indexing skills, which is why we have a national organization with connections to international organizations.

How do I find an indexer?

Our online directory provides information on the background, specialties, and locations of indexers around the country. Indexers who are not able to take on your project will often suggest names of other indexers whom they recommend. Ask and we will help you find an indexer for your project.

How do I work with an indexer?

Working with an indexer may be the easiest part of writing your book. This free e-book gives you the process step by step.

How much will it cost?

As we say in Charging for Indexing Services, our resource for both indexers and clients, there are no hard and fast answers. Read this section and then ask your colleagues, consider your budget, be realistic about the time the project will take, and then discuss it with the indexer.