International Agreement

The current International Agreement of Indexing Societies is the result of discussions at the most recent triennial meeting, and then once ratified by all Societies. It is accessible via the link above.


  • American Society for Indexing (ASI)
  • Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB)
  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI)
  • China Society of Indexers (CSI)
  • Indexing Society of Canada / Société canadienne d’indexation (ISC/SCI)
  • Society of Indexers (referred to in the Agreement as the [British] Society of Indexers) (SI)
  • Association of Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers of Ireland (AFEPI Ireland)

Associate Groups or Networks

  • Deutsches Netzwerk der Indexer/German Indexing Network (DNI)
  • Netherlands Indexing Network (NIN)