2024 Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary

The Indexing Society of Canada (ISC/SCI) is pleased to announce its Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary.

This bursary is part of the ISC/SCI’s special program to contribute to filling a proven lack of diverse voices and the demand for them in the Canadian publishing industry to help achieve equality of opportunity for aspiring indexers belonging to underrepresented and/or marginalized groups.

Indexing is a specialized field, involving close reading, analysis, and organization. Beyond writing back-of-book indexes, indexers use their skills in areas as diverse as embedded (digital) indexing, metadata and database maintenance, cataloguing, glossary writing, thesaurus construction, and project management, to name only a few! Indexing provides endless opportunities for learning, professional exploration, and growth, aided by offerings of the Indexing Society of Canada and other societies worldwide, welcoming individuals from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds.

In 2023 we awarded the bursary to Pascale Hutton and Sade Cooke and are very excited to assist them on their journeys in the indexing world.

The application deadline for the 2024 bursary is October 6, 2024. It will be granted to one person and will cover fees for an approved indexing program, two years of ISC/SCI membership with listing, and entry into the Mentorship program. Please refer to the bursary application for more information, including eligibility requirements.

On September 17th at 6:30pm Eastern, we will be holding an open info session for anyone interested in applying to the bursary. You can ask questions about the bursary, ISC/SCI and indexing in general. Please check the bursary application website for the ZOOM url closer to the date.

The ISC/SCI and the TIDE (The Inclusion, Diversity and Equity) committee look forward to fostering connections within and outside of the publishing industry while working toward diversification, cultural education, and inclusion. Please share this information with your contacts and join us on this exciting and necessary path—one forged by many thoughtful and hardworking people and organizations before us—toward embracing diversity and expanding our knowledge and understanding together.

LEARN MORE: https://indexers.ca/volunteer/tide/

APPLY HERE: https://indexers.ca/tide-application/

CONTACT US: tide@indexers.ca