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Please note: Books are listed alphabetically by author. Links to more information have been provided wherever possible.

Veuillez noter : Les livres sont en ordre alphabétique. Des liens menant à des renseignements supplémentaires ont été inclus lorsque disponibles.

  • Hazel K. Bell, Indexing Biographies and Other Stories of Human Lives, 3rd ed., with an appendix by Noeline Bridge (Sheffield, England: Society of Indexers, 2004)
  • Pat F. Booth, Indexing: The Manual of Good Practice (München: Saur, 2001)
  • Noeline Bridge, editor, Indexing Names, 2012, ASI/Information Today
  • Glenda Browne and Jonathan Jermey, The Indexing Companion (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007)
  • __________, Website Indexing: Enhancing Access to Information Within Websites, 2nd ed. (Blackwood, Australia: Auslib Press, 2004)
  • Burek, JoAnne. “How to Get an Index for Your Book: A Step-By-Step Guide for Authors.” Free ebook, available here.
  • Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010), and Indexes: A Chapter from the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010)
  • Linda Fetters, Handbook of Indexing Techniques: A Guide for Beginning Indexers, 2nd ed. (Corpus Christi, Texas: FimCo Books, 1999)
  • James A. Lamb, Website Indexing: Visitors to Content in Two Clicks (Ardleigh, England: James A. Lamb, 2006)
  • Nancy Mulvany, Indexing Books, 2nd ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005) — expanded and updated version of the original 1994 edition
  • Sherry Smith and Kari Kells, Inside Indexing: The Decision-Making Process (Northwest Indexing Press, 2005)
  • Do Mi Stauber, Facing the Text: Content and Structure in Book Indexing (Eugene, Oregon: Cedar Row Press, 2004)
  • Hans H. Wellisch, Indexing from A to Z, 2nd ed., rev. and enl. (New York: H.W. Wilson, 1995)

Publications Available Through Indexing Societies

The Society of Indexers offers a variety of its own and other publications. For more information, see their publications page.

The American Society for Indexing also offers a variety of publications that can be viewed on, and ordered through, the Information Today website.

Journals and Newsletters :: Revues et Bulletins

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In addition to the ISC / SCI Bulletin, the following publications will be of interest to indexers:

  • A to Z (membership required)
    • The newsletter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Indexing SIG. A very useful and informative newsletter focussing on technical indexing topics.
    • Selected articles from A to Z (in PDF format) can be found here.
  • The Indexer
    • Journal of the Society of Indexers. The professional journal for indexers, automatically included with ISC / SCI membership. A cumulative index for Vols. 20 to 25 (1996-2005) is now online.
  • i-TORQUE
    • A subscription-based newsletter published from January 2003 through November/December 2005 by Nancy Mulvany. A table of contents and index to issues can be viewed online. As well, a CD-ROM is available for purchase.
  • Key Words
    • Bulletin of the American Society for Indexing. Also available: Index covering issues from 1994 to 1999
      • Index covering issues from 2000 to 2002
      • Sample articles, 1990-2002
    • Back issues are available from the ASI Administrative office.


Discussion Groups :: Forums de discussion

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Discussion list for ISC/SCI members. Discussions are about both indexing and Society matters like conferences and meetings. To join, simply go to Isc-l and follow the instructions. To post a message to the list, send e-mail to (note that the address ends with the lowercase letter “L” and not the number one).

LinkedIn Groups

If you are a member of LinkedIn, join groups such as ASI Digital Trends Task Force, Book Production Freelancers, Web Indexing Group and more.

Cindex Users Group

The Yahoo Cindex users list is a forum for discussing Cindex, the professional indexing software program from Indexing Research. The list encourages exchange of tips, tricks, and techniques among Cindex users.

Index Café

This Yahoo list provides a community “where indexers, both new and experienced, can strengthen their social bonds in the indexing community. … Membership is open to both ASI members and non-members, USDA indexing students and graduates, freelance and corporate indexers.”

Indexer’s Discussion Group (IDG)

This list is a group discussion list for professional indexers and anyone interested in indexing books, journals, and other print and electronic media, and the business of indexing.

Index-L discussion group

Join via the subscription page, or send an email message to The entire message should be:

subscribe index-l YourName

(leave the subject line blank, and do not include a signature or any other text).

INDEX-L was created to promote good indexing practice by providing a forum for aspiring and professional indexers to share information and ideas relating to all aspects of index preparation. Topics for discussion can include various types of index structures such as indexes for books, periodicals, online text, databases, or hypermedia. Participants include but are not limited to members of professional indexers organizations (ASI, NFIAS), librarians, library school faculty, and editors.

Index Peer Reviewers

This Yahoo list provides a forum in which indexers volunteer to review each other’s edited indexes. “A Peer Review provides a rare opportunity for this feedback. By reviewing and being reviewed, we increase our awareness of good indexing technique and gain valuable feedback on our current skills.”


This is a very helpful and well-run resource “for all persons interested in discussing issues related to learning to index books, magazines, databases and the World Wide Web.” Discussion is focused on the USDA courses, the Society of Indexers courses, and other methods of instruction, as well as topics such as freelance indexing and marketing. More information can be found at Beginning in March 2004, IndexStudents introduced live chat sessions giving list members a chance to connect with industry leaders. Past guests have included Do Mi Stauber, Seth Maislin, and Gale Rhoades. For more information, please visit the IndexStudents Live Indexing Discussions page.

Macrex Users Group

The MACREX Yahoo list does not cover general indexing matters.

SKYIndexUsers List

A Yahoo discussion group focussed on the use of SKY Index as an indexing tool. The SKYIndexUsers list encourages the exchange of tips, tricks, and techniques among owners of SKY Index. The list is also intended to aid those who are trying the SKY Index demo and would like to learn more about the programs capabilities.

Society for Technical Communication (STC) Indexing SIG Discussion Group

To subscribe, send a message to In the body of the message (you do not need a subject), type:

subscribe stcisig-l

(Note that the address ends with the lowercase letter “L” and not the number one.)

Once you are confirmed as a member, to communicate with the listserv, send your messages to You can learn more about Lyris listserv commands by visiting

Web Indexing

Web Indexing is associated with the Web Indexing Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing (discussed in more detail below), although membership in the Web Indexing SIG is not a requirement for joining this group. Web Indexing is an open forum for indexers who specialize in writing indexes for web sites. Indexers interested in learning about web indexing, and web site creators/editors interested in indexing are also welcome to join this group. We welcome discussions of techniques, standards, software tools, client-indexer relations, and marketing specific to web indexing.


Special Interest Groups :: Groupes d'intérêts spéciaux

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Below is a list of selected special interest groups (SIGs) affiliated with the American Society for Indexing. Information on the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Indexing SIG is provided here as well.

The ASI Special Interest Groups are also listed on the ASI site.


Established in July 2000 as a resource for indexers of business-related books. Professional indexers and others interested in the indexing of business subjects — such as accounting, marketing, business law, finance, and banking — may be interested in joining this SIG. Dues are $20 US per annum.


“An educational forum and a network for experienced and novice indexers interested in culinary indexing in various media, such as books, periodicals, CD-ROMs, and web sites.” Members must belong to one of the six affiliated international indexing societies. Dues are $25 US per annum.

Gardening / Environmental Studies

“An alliance of trained, skilled indexers with education, background, and experience in numerous subject specialties, including botany, gardening, horticulture, landscape design, agriculture, biogeography, ecology, environmental topics, geography, homesteading, natural history, natural resources, wildlife conservation and more.” Dues are $15 US per annum (payable each January).

History / Archaeology

“An alliance of highly skilled, expert indexers with academic and professional backgrounds in archaeology and history.” Members have credentials in such specialized fields as film and theater history, classical studies, regional and county histories, military history, biographies, and environmental history. Dues are $25 US per annum.


Open to any member of the ASI and the other indexing societies around the world. The SIG has established its own discussion group. Dues are $20 US per annum.

Periodical / Database Indexing

The SIG has established its own discussion group, open to both members and non-members. No fees currently being charged (subject to change).

Politics / International Relations (unaffiliated with ASI)

“An international association of professional indexers who are encouraging advancement of the art and science of indexing along a wide spectrum of texts that are political or politically-related.” The SIG has established its own discussion group.

Scholarly Indexing

“This SIG’s goals include indexers’ sharing information about, and techniques for, indexing academic books; referrals; and other marketing. We also maintain a networking list for members of this SIG, so that indexers can consult with each other.” The SIG has established its own discussion group. No fees.

Science / Medicine

“An alliance of skilled indexing professionals with professional and academic credentials in numerous subject specialties, including technology, clinical medicine, engineering, physics, veterinary medicine and more.” New members pay $25 US when joining. Expenses are shared, and there are currently no annual dues.

Sports / Fitness

Established to serve as a network for indexers who work in the areas of sports, fitness, and related materials. Dues are $15 US per annum.

Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies

For those interested or involved in “creating or editing taxonomies, thesauri, or controlled vocabularies used for indexing. They may either be freelancers, contractors, or consultants, or work as in-house developers of taxonomies, thesauri, or controlled vocabularies, such as for publishers, database vendors, search software developers, etc.” The SIG has established a discussion group. No fees currently being charged (subject to change).

Web Indexing

The Web Indexing SIG was established (i) “to serve the professional interest of indexers who seek to apply their skills in traditional human indexing to the non-traditional web medium,” and (ii) “to inform the web design and development community of the advantages of professional web indexing.” Membership in the SIG is not a requirement for joining its discussion group.

Society for Technical Communication (STC) Indexing SIG

Established to help technical writers learn and master indexing skills, as well as to maintain close contacts with the professional indexing community. Dues are $5 US per annum. The SIG has its own discussion group, which is also listed above.


Other Online Resources :: Autres ressources en ligne

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Indexing Resources on the WWW

Comprehensive selection of articles originally collected for the UBC School of Library, Archival and Information Studies. Prof. Mary Sue Stephenson maintains this site as a service to indexing professionals.

Education and Training :: Éducation et formation

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ASI Training Course – Online

Available to ASI members and other indexing societies members. Explore indexing and learn how to index via three self-study units that are now accessed online from a secure Training Course website. Students must successfully meet the requirements of all three examinations to be awarded an ASI Certificate of Completion.

Indexing: Theory and Application (University of California at Berkeley) – Online

Award-winning online course developed by indexer and instructor Sylvia Coates. Teaches “the fundamentals of writing, editing, and delivering back-of-the-book indexes to publishing clients,” as well as embedded and Web indexing. Students learn to use each of the three major indexing software programs (Cindex, Macrex, and SKY).

Heather Ebbs, a past president of both ISC/SCI and the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC), is an instructor in the UC Berkeley course. Heather has 30 years’ experience as an indexer, editor, and writer. In addition to having led the EAC’s indexing seminar in Toronto, Heather has taught book editing at the Banff Publishing Workshop and publications production at Algonquin College. She won the EAC’s Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence in 1986, and The Indexing Society of Canada Tamarack Award in 2011.

Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports (Ryerson University) – In-class

This course – part of Ryerson University’s Publishing Program – focuses on back-of-the-book indexing, as well as the indexing of journals, reports, and Web sites. Topics range from indexing basics such as alphabetization and punctuation to software and the business of freelance indexing. “Although the emphasis is placed on the practical craft of indexing, the art of an elegant index will also be addressed.”

Mary Newberry, our current past president, teaches Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports (CDPB 311). Mary is an experienced indexer and editor who has taught editing and indexing at George Brown College, as well as writing and editing at Centennial College. She was the recipient of the Stephen Mills Mentorship Award, with the Ryerson Publishing program, in 2001.

Indexing: An Essential Art and Science (Simon Fraser University) – Online

This course – part of Simon Fraser University’s Writing and Communications Program – is designed for both aspiring indexers and editors who must oversee the indexing work of others. The wide range of topics includes not just the basics of index creation but style guides and reference works, the business of indexing, and opportunities for networking and professional development. Offered as an online course.

Indexing Books as a Career – Online, free, 6 hour intro to indexing. Designed and instructed by Sylvia Coates.

Indexing Partners Indexing Boot Camp

Since 2008, Enid Zafran has offered an Indexing Boot Camp at her offices in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. This unique one-on-one training is aimed at newer indexers to give them the skills and confidence they need to pursue a career in indexing.

Basic Indexing (Graduate School USA, formerly USDA) – Correspondence

Basic Indexing was discontinued in April 2014.

Learn to Index: A Practical Course on Freelance Indexing – Video

Taught by Susan Holbert, this course is available as a set of three videocassettes. “No previous editorial, indexing, or computer experience is necessary to take this workshop.”

Society of Indexers (U.K.) Course – Correspondence

The Society of Indexers runs its own distance-learning course, “Training in Indexing,” which consists of four assessed modules (Units) plus a practical indexing assignment. Although anyone may purchase the Units, only members of the Society of Indexers may take the formal tests. Successful candidates are officially accredited by the Society. For further details, please visit the
Society Web page via the link above.

Web Site Indexing Courses (Hedden Information Management) – Online

Individualized, self-paced online training sessions in indexing of web sites and intranets for both experienced and inexperienced indexers.

Creating Web Site Indexes

A 4-week online workshop offered through the Continuing Education Program of Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Boston, MA, USA.  Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science offers many classroom and web-based workshops in subjects related to indexing.


Book Indexing Personal Tuition (BIPT) – Online (via e-mail)

This course (formerly Book Indexing Postal Tutorials) course covers elements similar to the Society of Indexers course above, but is more practical, involving the creation of small indexes right from the start. This course is conducted entirely by e-mail. Please contact Ann Hall at for more information.

Ann Hall, Craigbeck Farm Cottage, Moffat, DG10 9QP, Scotland

Tel.: +44 07708 571548   E-mail:

Indexing A to Z

Seminar offered each year by the Toronto Branch of the Editors’ Association of Canada. Please visit their Seminars page for more information.


Computer Applications – Online

Many public libraries offer access to Gale Courses, which include training in applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel and basic Adobe InDesign. Sessions are instructor led and run for six weeks. New sessions start on the third Wednesday of the month.

Some public libraries also offer access to courses, which include training in Microsoft Word and Excel and more comprehensive Adobe InDesign. The courses are delivered as videos. You can also sign up for a paid monthly subscription at

Publishing, Editing, and Writing | Édition, rédaction et écriture

Editors’ Association of Canada

Seminars on various aspects of editing and publishing are offered throughout the year. Simply click on the name of your regional branch in the left-hand navigation bar for access to links on seminars in your area.

Ryerson University Publishing Program – Ryerson’s Continuing Education Division

Tel. (416) 979-5035
Web site (Continuing Education):

Simon Fraser University – Writing and Communications Program

Tel. (778) 782-800
Web site:


Software :: Logiciels

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Indexing Software | Logiciels d’indexation


Features include (among others): automatic alphabetizing; automatic formatting; search and replace; spell-checking; cross-reference and page reference management. Downloadable demo, information and other products and services from Indexing Research.

CINDEX™ (for Windows, and Macintosh)
Indexing Research
620 Park Avenue, #183
Rochester, NY 14607
Tel: (585) 413-1819

Publishers and government agencies may contact the authorized reseller of CINDEX:
Leverage Technologies, Inc.
9519 Greystone Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44141-2939
Tel: (888) 838-1203
Fax: (440) 838-1203

HTML Indexer

For indexing HTML files: It includes output options for JavaHelp and HTML Help, command-line invocation, and stylistic control. Downloadable demo version of the software is available.


Version 8 requires Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (Win7 is recommended in terms of stability and functionality). As always, Macrex is stuffed with options designed to reduce the time it takes to write an index. To discover for yourself the immense power and flexibility which has garnered rave reviews from professional and beginning indexers, give the free demo a test drive. If you are in North America, contact Gale Rhoades ( or 888-348-4292) for a brief tutorial in addition to the demo.

SKY Index

SKY Index SI7 is designed to maximize use of the Windows user interface. Features include context menus, tool bars, drag and drop, and online help. Downloadable demos and product information available. Has student version.

Thesaurus Software | Logiciels de thésaurus

MultiTes Thesaurus Construction

MultiTes handles lists of Terms, Descriptors, Top Terms, Subject Headings, Polyhierarchical Thesauri, Authority Files, Subject Categories, and Multilingual Thesauri. Product information and evaluation copies of software available.

Term Tree 2000

Thesaurus classification creation management software.