What’s in a Name? Invert Your Thorns into Roses (ASI Virtual Event)

Date: Saturday, December 4, 2021

Early Registration deadline: November 19, 2021

What’s in a name? Seemingly simple, in reality, a name can be a thorn in the side of indexers. To invert or not to invert?—that is just one question. Other times, you cannot tell what the dickens the name is. The American Society for Indexing is excited to bring together four experts who will share their knowledge about indexing names. No longer will you be false to any person’s name.

This virtual event will be presented live via Zoom, and the sessions will be recorded. Your registration includes all four presentations (3 hours of programming plus 30 minutes of breaks). Each session will be followed by a 10-minute break or networking time. Take advantage of early registration rates through November 19.

If you are a member of ISC/SCI, you can receive the member discount using the coupon code on the Member Benefits page.


Challenges in Indexing Names (Noeline Bridge)

10:00 AM, Pacific / 1:00 PM, Eastern (60-minute session)

When and how to index names can appear easy—and mostly is. But the minority can consume an undue amount of time, maddening when time is short. Noeline Bridge describes several categories of names that often pose difficulties, providing examples of each, many drawn from her own experience, along with tips on resolving questions.

Issues in Indexing Russian Names (Sergey Lobachev)

11:10 AM, Pacific / 2:10 PM, Eastern (30-minute session)

Indexing Russian names may seem straightforward, but there are some challenges that may confuse indexers who are not familiar with the language. This session explains how to avoid common mistakes when dealing with Russian names. Topics to be covered include handling spelling variations, use of patronymic names, rules for indexing names of royalties and Orthodox clergy, disambiguation of geographic names, and indexing abbreviations. In addition, some differences between Russian and Ukrainian names will also be discussed.

The Mystery of Spanish Personal Names, a Look at Gender and Culture (Francine Cronshaw)

11:50 AM, Pacific / 2:50 PM, Eastern (30-minute session)

Spanish names present unique challenges to the indexer. Cultural folkways are examined, especially around women’s names. With cultural change and online databases, presentations of names have evolved. Knowing how to index both historical and contemporary names is important for consistency and reliability. Portuguese names flip Spanish structures and are treated briefly.

Genealogical Indexing: The Name’s the Thing! (Carolyn Weaver)

12:30 PM, Pacific / 3:30 PM, Eastern (60-minute session)

Genealogical indexing focuses primarily on the names of people and the significant places and events affecting their lives. Spelling of personal names in official records is often fluid, affected by literacy, geographic location, immigration, politics, marriage(s), or adoption. Similarly, names of places, institutions, geographic borders and jurisdictions, and fixed sites such as cemeteries, churches, or battlegrounds cited in family histories are subject to change. This session will focus primarily on the disambiguation of names and the sources available (online and in print) that are useful resources for indexing family histories, publications of genealogical or historical societies, and related works.

Visit the conference page.

Society of Indexers announces first online conference

Registration is now open for the first SI online conference on 9–10 November. The theme is « Boosting Your Business ».

Day one features a keynote presentation by Dennis Duncan and Paula Clarke Bain on Index, a history of the. There will also be opportunities for networking, a Q&A session and a series of demonstrations showing how software can help you index smarter.

Day two includes advice on finding work, using social media to boost your business and dealing with financial issues (especially getting paid), as well as the tricky question of indexing the metatopic. There will also be topic-based breakout rooms and more opportunities for informal networking with indexing colleagues.

You can find more information on the main conference page, where there are links to the outline programme and the booking form. If you are a member of ISC/SCI, you will find the coupon code on the Member Benefits page and receive a 10% discount on your registration.

New ASI course

ASI has announced a new series of online learning, « The Queen of Sciences—Indexing Theology, Spirituality, and Religion ». This 3-part course is given by Kate Mertes and runs on October 13, 20, and November 3. The session topics are

  • Session 1 – Introduction to indexing religious material
  • Session 2 – Acquiring and using specialized knowledge
  • Session 3 – Practicum on theological indexing

Visit the ASI course page for details and registration. Members: be sure to look up and register with the discount code for « ASI online learning » found on the membership benefits page.

Dennis Duncan to speak at 2022 Conference

Following the success of the 2021 conference, ISC/SCI will again be holding the annual conference online, with dates to be announced soon. And so we are thrilled to announce that the keynote speaker for the 2022 Annual Indexing Conference will be Dennis Duncan, author of the newly released book Index, A History of the.

Charting its curious path from the monasteries and universities of thirteenth-century Europe to Silicon Valley in the twenty-first, Dennis Duncan reveals how the index has saved heretics from the stake, kept politicians from high office and made us all into the readers we are today. We follow it through German print shops and Enlightenment coffee houses, novelists’ living rooms and university laboratories, encountering emperors and popes, philosophers and prime ministers, poets, librarians and – of course – indexers along the way. Revealing its vast role in our evolving literary and intellectual culture, Duncan shows that, for all our anxieties about the Age of Search, we are all index-rakers at heart, and we have been for eight hundred years.

Dennis Duncan is a writer, translator, lecturer in English at University College London, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He has published numerous academic books, including Book Parts and The Oulipo and Modern Thought, as well as translations of Michel Foucault, Boris Vian, and Alfred Jarry. His writing has appeared in the Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement, and the London Review of Books, and recent articles have considered Mallarmé and jugs, James Joyce and pornography, and the history of Times New Roman.

The Summer 2021 Bulletin is here

The post-conference issue of the Bulletin is here. In this issue: Tere Mullin reports on the 2021 Virtual Conference « Indexing Unlimited », Janet Perlman looks back on what indexing was like before computers, Siusan Moffat explains sensitivity reading of Indigenous content, meet this year’s winners of the Ewart-Daveluy and the Tamarack awards, the bursary winner, and the Emeritus winner, and more.

ANZSI’s latest newsletters

As a member of ISC/SCI, you can read about what our affiliated societies around the world are doing. This month, the the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers shared their April and June newsletters with us.

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2021 Tamarack Award: Siusan Moffat

Toronto : La Société canadienne d’indexation / Indexing Society of Canada (SCI/ISC) est heureuse de dévoiler la récipiendaire du prix Tamarack 2021. Il s’agit de Siusan Moffat (Toronto), en reconnaissance de sa contribution et de son dévouement à l’association.

Siusan a été choisie pour sa motivation à aider la SCI/ISC à être davantage représentative de la diversité actuelle au Canada.

Voici ce que ses collègues ont à dire sur Siusan :

Elle a pris à cœur le travail de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation et a investi une énergie passionnée à créer le comité TIDE pour l’inclusion, la diversité et l’équité (The Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee). Elle a systématiquement cherché des moyens de faire passer le message à propos de l’indexation aux membres potentiellement intéressés des groupes marginalisés ou d’une quelconque manière sous-représentés.

Le comité TIDE est en train de réaliser des choses magnifiques, et c’est dans une large mesure grâce à Siusan — que ce soit des articles dans notre Bulletin, des webinaires ou la Bourse pour la diversité dans l’édition au Canada, qui en est à sa deuxième année. Merci, Siusan, pour l’intensité de ton travail, qui a un bel impact sur de vraies personnes. Et merci pour ton influence si positive sur moi en tant que collègue, membre de la même équipe et amie.

Elle a en outre énormément travaillé comme membre actif du Bureau de direction et, dans l’exercice de toutes ses fonctions, j’ai trouvé que c’était une collègue gentille et attentionnée.

« Je suis ravie d’offrir ce prix à Siusan, nous sommes très honorés de la compter parmi nos membres », a déclaré Alexandra Peace, présidente de la SCI/ISC, en ajoutant : « Merci, Siusan, pour tout ce que tu as offert à notre association et à ses membres ». Le prix Tamarack a été créé en l’honneur des membres qui « vont bien au-delà des attentes exigées par leurs fonctions » dans leur travail de bénévolat pour la Société.

Annual General Meeting 2021 (revised time)

ISC/SCI’s announces its 2021 Annual General Meeting on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 1 p.m. EDT, online via Zoom.

This is an election year, so we will be voting in a new executive committee. We also need membership approval for our financial statements for 2020–2021 fiscal year.

If you are unable to attend but would still like your voice heard, you can request a proxy form from presidents@indexers.ca.

If you plan to bring a motion to the floor, please email presidents@indexers.ca by June 5, 2021 so it can be added to the agenda.

In addition to those housekeeping items, we will also tell you a bit about what the executive committee has been up to over the past year: Conference 2021, national video chats, results from the general membership survey, and more!

And of course, there are some awards to be given out. Please check the agenda for a more detailed listing.

All the documents—the agenda, financial statements, the annual report, and last year’s minutes—are now available.

We are asking you to RSVP, as we need to make sure that we will have quorum. Please let us know that you plan to attend by emailing Alexandra Peace at presidents@indexers.ca. Alex will respond with the link for the meeting.

ANZSI’s latest newsletter

As a member of ISC/SCI, you can read about what our affiliated societies around the world are doing. This month, the the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers shared their February newsletter with us.

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