Fedorak Indexing Services


My goal is to add value to an author’s work, give readers a quick means to access information in a book, and relieve stress in the production process by reliably delivering an index on or before deadline. With 20 years of experience in the visual arts, a  masters degree in the visual arts and executive level positions in non-profit arts organizations I specialize in scholarly and academic texts in contemporary art, cultural anthropology, film, music, fashion and textiles.


  • Arts and Humanities : Art and architecture, Language and linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy
  • Economy, politics and law : Business
  • Health and medicine : Psychology and mental health
  • Lifestyle and Leisure : Fashion, Food and drink, Gardening, Crafts, Interior design and decorating
  • Society : Anthropology, Culture
  • Materials - Books : Scholarly books, Trade monographs, Biographies and memoirs, Art and photography