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How to Start a Member-Initiated Group

A member-initiated group (MIG) is managed and led by an ISC/SCI member, not necessarily a committee or executive committee member, for the purpose of learning and networking with other members. Examples: a group studying a software manual or a discussion group on an indexing book. MIGs provide opportunities for members to learn, communicate and collaborate … […]

Announcing Magpie Kudos

It was suggested by a member that the Tamarack Award for Volunteer of the Year and the president’s Certificates of Recognition are well and good, but they don’t provide an opportunity for the membership to have a say in thanking people. And so we created the Magpie Kudos award. It’s a fun, easy, and distinctive … […]

Marketing your indexing business Q&A – replay

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Trois cours d’indexation

Trois cours d’indexation sont enseignés par des membres de la SCI/ISC : Indexing: Theory and Application (University of California at Berkeley Extension – enseigné par Heather Ebbs et Ruth Pincoe, deux présidentes sortantes de la SCI/ISC, ainsi que les Américains Sylvia Coates et Fred Leise et l’Australien Max McMaster) Indexing for Books, Journals, and Reports (Ryerson University – … […]

Magpie Pins for Sale

At the ISC/SCI annual general meeting and conference in June 2009, Katherine Barber, founding editor-in-chief of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary department of Oxford University Press, gave a fascinating talk on the history of the word “magpie” and what it has to do with indexing. The magpie-indexing connection The English language is flavoured by the many … […]

Tarification pour les services d’indexation

« Combien? » C’est l’une des premières questions posées par les clients et les nouveaux indexeurs. Mais comme pour la majorité des services facturés, il n’y a pas de réponse définitive. Dans un sondage mené par la SCI/ISC au printemps 2008, les membres devaient indiquer ce qu’ils facturaient et la façon dont ils établissaient leurs … […]