Conference 2023: See also Newfoundland. Come share with us!

Call for Proposals

The Conference Committee invites your proposals for ISC/SCI Conference 2023.
Proposals are being accepted until October 3, 2022.

The committee is seeking proposals in the following areas:
▪ aspects of running an indexing business (social media for marketing, profitability, project scheduling, websites, etc.)
▪ technology related to indexing such as devices or equipment, non-indexing software, or apps
▪ improving/assessing index quality or usability from broad topics such as improving your speed to niche topics on specific languages, communities, or subjects
▪ non-back-of-book indexing such as taxonomy, controlled vocabularies, thesaurus development
▪ any niche or specialty topics you feel passionate about

This is an in-person conference taking place in St. John’s in early June. Attendance is expected unless conference plans need to be changed closer to the date. Sessions will be 50 minutes in total (35–40 minutes for presentation followed by a 10–15 minute question-and-answer session).

Application form and more information can be found here.