How to Start a Member-Initiated Group

A member-initiated group (MIG) is managed and led by an ISC/SCI member, not necessarily a committee or executive committee member, for the purpose of learning and networking with other members. Examples: a group studying a software manual or a discussion group on an indexing book.

MIGs provide opportunities for members to learn, communicate and collaborate with each other. It’s one more benefit of membership.

MIGs have two possible structures:

An open group that members can drop in and out of at any time

A group that members can join by a certain date, and after that date, the group is full (e.g., for a book discussion)

The group may only be initiated by an ISC/SCI member, but the group may have non-ISC/SCI members.

To start a group, first put out a call for participants on the ISC/SCI email list (ISC-L). Then contact your regional representative. Together with your regional rep, you will fill out a form and find and reserve a slot for meetings on our Zoom platform.