Conference Scholarship

ISC/SCI is offering scholarships to three ISC/SCI members to help them attend the conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland, in June 2023. The scholarship will pay the two-day early-bird conference fee. You are eligible to apply if you meet both of these conditions:

  • You live at least 1000 km from St. John’s.
  • You will contribute to the conference by performing just one of these tasks (you choose the task):
    • Write an article about the conference.
    • Generate a list of five questions that can be asked of the general audience at the conference.
    • Help at the registration desk.

Preference will be given to new indexers, then those who have never attended a conference, then everyone else. See the Conference Scholarship page for more information and the submission form. The deadline for applying is March 1, 2023.

How to Start a Member-Initiated Group

A member-initiated group (MIG) is managed and led by an ISC/SCI member, not necessarily a committee or executive committee member, for the purpose of learning and networking with other members. Examples: a group studying a software manual or a discussion group on an indexing book.

MIGs provide opportunities for members to learn, communicate and collaborate with each other. It’s one more benefit of membership.

MIGs have two possible structures:

An open group that members can drop in and out of at any time

A group that members can join by a certain date, and after that date, the group is full (e.g., for a book discussion)

The group may only be initiated by an ISC/SCI member, but the group may have non-ISC/SCI members.

To start a group, first put out a call for participants on the ISC/SCI email list (ISC-L). Then contact your regional representative. Together with your regional rep, you will fill out a form and find and reserve a slot for meetings on our Zoom platform.

New ASI course

ASI has announced a new series of online learning, « The Queen of Sciences—Indexing Theology, Spirituality, and Religion ». This 3-part course is given by Kate Mertes and runs on October 13, 20, and November 3. The session topics are

  • Session 1 – Introduction to indexing religious material
  • Session 2 – Acquiring and using specialized knowledge
  • Session 3 – Practicum on theological indexing

Visit the ASI course page for details and registration. Members: be sure to look up and register with the discount code for « ASI online learning » found on the membership benefits page.

ANZSI’s latest newsletters

As a member of ISC/SCI, you can read about what our affiliated societies around the world are doing. This month, the the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers shared their April and June newsletters with us.

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