The Inclusion, Diversity and Equity committee (TIDE)


TIDE Committee founded the Diversity in Canadian Publishing Bursary in 2019. The goal of the bursary is to encourage a diverse indexing environment by inspiring the development and participation of individuals who self-identify as belonging to an underrepresented and/or marginalized group. With this bursary, we join the growing human rights movement within the publishing world that aims to encourage a multiplicity of voices throughout the industry.

The bursary is awarded to one recipient who has completed the application process. It covers fees for an approved indexing program, two years of ISC membership with listing, and entry into the Mentorship program.

For more information regarding the bursary, please have a look at the bursary application, and share with your contacts!

If you would join the committee or help us with the new Diversity in Canadian Publishing, please get in touch! Email