How to Start a Member-Initiated Group

A member-initiated group (MIG) is managed and led by an ISC/SCI member, not necessarily a committee or executive committee member, for the purpose of learning and networking with other members. Examples: a group studying a software manual or a discussion group on an indexing book.

MIGs provide opportunities for members to learn, communicate and collaborate with each other. It’s one more benefit of membership.

MIGs have two possible structures:

An open group that members can drop in and out of at any time

A group that members can join by a certain date, and after that date, the group is full (e.g., for a book discussion)

The group may only be initiated by an ISC/SCI member, but the group may have non-ISC/SCI members.

To start a group, first put out a call for participants on the ISC/SCI email list (ISC-L). Then contact your regional representative. Together with your regional rep, you will fill out a form and find and reserve a slot for meetings on our Zoom platform.

Announcing Magpie Kudos

It was suggested by a member that the Tamarack Award for Volunteer of the Year and the president’s Certificates of Recognition are well and good, but they don’t provide an opportunity for the membership to have a say in thanking people.

And so we created the Magpie Kudos award. It’s a fun, easy, and distinctive way for a member to thank another member who has made a difference to them. As an award giver, you simply fill out the short form with the name of the recipient and a few sentences on what you would like to thank them for. The more specific, the more effective the award. You can even express your gratitude anonymously.

The award recipient will receive an attractive, archive-worthy thank-you email, and recognition in an upcoming issue of the Bulletin.

To give a Magpie Kudos, visit the Member Dashboard at any time and look for the Magpie Kudos link. Or follow the link here.