Leewords Editorial Services



I have a masters in English literature from the University of Ottawa, training in publishing through Ryerson University, and training in indexing through University of California-Berkeley. I have been working as a freelance editor for over ten years and as an indexer for almost that long. Please check my website, Leewords Editorial Services, found at  www.leewords.ca. If I can be of help with creating an index for your scholarly work or your memoir . . . or anything else in between, please contact me.

  • Arts and Humanities : History, Language and linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Religion and spirituality
  • Economy, politics and law : Government and politics
  • International studies : Africa, Asia, Canadian studies
  • Sciences : Ecology and environment
  • Society : Anthropology, Indigenous peoples, Culture, Education
  • Materials - Books : Scholarly books, Trade monographs, Biographies and memoirs, Cookbooks, Textbooks, Manuals and how-to books
  • Materials - Other : Academic papers and essays
  • Other Skills : Editing, Proofreading