The Joy of Cooking

Posted on: February 13th, 2017 by JoAnne Burek

I love to cook. So naturally, my dream project would be to write the index for an edition of a legendary cookbook, such as…oh, let’s say The Joy of Cooking.

According to an article in The Indexer (April 2007), by Deborah Patton, who was citing a book called Standing Facing the Stove (Anne Mendelson), almost every edition of The Joy of Cooking was fraught with problems.

“For instance, the 1951 edition had an ‘ongoing index-revision squabble’ that lasted well into 1952. The index to the 1962 edition was a typographical disaster, with misspellings, lost indents, and tiny type.”

Then she comes to the 1975 version:
“[It] has a page-long  preface to provide guidance on finding anything either in the index or in the book. The writers must have known their explanation did not help much, because it ends with: ‘Meanwhile, happy hunting.’”

Are you interested in writing cookbook indexes that you can be proud of? Then you’ll want to attend Gillian Watt’s session at the conference in Montreal on June 2-3.