The Affiliation

Posted on: January 15th, 2017 by JoAnne Burek

The Indexing Society of Canada/Société canadienne d’indexation got its start in 1977. It arose out of an Open Forum at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Library Association on June 12 of that year, in Montreal.

The Society of Indexers (SI) in the UK, the American Society of Indexers, and the Australian Society of Indexers had already been formed. An affiliation was in place to strengthen their efforts towards the advancement of indexing.

When the SI held its first international conference in 1978, Canadian indexers Peter Grieg and Mary Dykstra attended and discussed with SI officers the affiliation of IASC (as we were then called). The terms were agreed and the affiliation was formalized in 1979.

The secretary of the SI commented on the 1978 conference: “It was Canada’s bilingualism, reinforced by the influence of a strong contingent of delegates from France, that stimulated consideration—for the first time—of the possibility of moving out of the English-speaking limitations within which we have hitherto operated. Even before the formalities of affiliation are completed, the youngest member of the family is already making its influence felt.”

One of the benefits of being in the family is that we can attend each other society’s conferences as though we are members. At every conference, we have visitors from Australia/New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom, and United States, and sometimes also China and Africa.

This year will be no different. Be sure to introduce and welcome our visiting members when you come to this year’s conference in Montreal, June 2-3.