A fresh look at your 2017 goals

Posted on: January 16th, 2017 by JoAnne Burek

Some questions to ask yourself as you make your plans this year:

How can you get the type of indexing projects you love most coming to you? What if you carved out a niche, by building up your expertise in a subject area or a skill?

If you are a full time freelancer, how are you going to maintain or grow your pool of clients?
Besides your “Find an Indexer” profile, your website, and LinkedIn, what else can you do to market yourself this year?

Are you going to read more widely than before? Explore books and materials that you wouldn’t normally look at?

Is this the year that you get more balance in your life? Work shorter days and take more breaks with minimal reduction in income?

Are you going to work smarter than last year? Learn what other indexers are doing and adopt some shortcuts and time savers into your own practice?

I’m wishing you all the greatest success in 2017.

And if you want to cover huge ground on all these points, put the 2017 Conference into your plan. It will be June 2-3 in Montreal.