Vanessa Wells, Indexer


I’m an indexer with discrete degrees and areas of expertise and experience: sociology, psychology, Latin, classical studies, theology (both academic and devotional), education, gemology, private investigation, opera, homeschooling, and film. I also copy edit and proofread in print and in video captions, subtitles and credits. A fierce defender of accessibility, especially by demanding excellence in captions for the Deaf, deaf, and hard of hearing—no more craptions!—I am taking ASL classes in my leisure time.

Services for print can be further explored at my Wells Read Editing website.

Services for film, video and TV are offered at my Reel Words website.

ALT: image for this listing is a head shot of the indexer.

  • Arts and Humanities : Archaeology and ancient history, Art and architecture, Language and linguistics, Literature, Music, Religion and spirituality, Media studies
  • Health and medicine : Psychology and mental health
  • Lifestyle and Leisure : Animals and pets, Personal development
  • Society : Anthropology, Culture, Education, Family, Gender studies, Sociology and social services, Urban studies
  • Materials - Books : Scholarly books, Trade monographs, Biographies and memoirs, Art and photography, Cookbooks, Textbooks
  • Other Skills : Editing, Proofreading, Translation